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Hello all,

As there are no "professional" reveiws of the S4i as I have seen yet I thought I would share my experiences. I have had the camera about 4 days now and have taken in the neighborhood of 400 shots. Most around the house and outside in the park next-door. Anyway, here we go.

The resolution seems to be very good all the way up to 6x8 prints (haven't tried larger). I was seeing a lot of noise and things I didn't like on my computer monitor but was unable to tell if the artifacts and resolution came from the pictures or my moniotor so I printed 10 sample pictures at the local Ritz.
  • The pics are all well saturated and exposed, some a little too exposed, but the over picture is very nice.[/*]
  • There is some edge softening but not like on the S4 - most of the time it is pretty unnoticable[/*]
  • Moderate barrel distorsion - looks about the same as in the pics I have seen from the S4[/*]
  • The Super Macro and Macro modes work very well[/*]
    • The flash is able to temper itself down pretty well and not overexpose them when only 3 inches away
  • A little purple fringing but very little really - not very noticable[/*]
  • Most of the pics taken in "Green Mode" are a little contrasty - the shadows look as if they have gone through a shapening filter in Photoshop or something. Not too distracting but it is visible when looking for it[/*]
  • Good saturation on most pictures - somewhat off in Green Mode but better in Program
Now about the functioning of the camera. The camera is fast, you can go from it being in your pocket to being able to take a picture in less than a couple of seconds, especially if in "Green Mode." The LCD is my least favorite part of the whole camera - its resolution is pretty bad compared to othter Pentax screens.

The battery lasts for a long time. As I said before, I have taken arond 400 pictures and I am only on my 3rd charge which isn't bad considering that the LCD was on most of the time and the flash going off 50% or more.

I hope this help some people out there - at least until Steve gets around to doing his review,

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Thx Brandon its great to get some input from real life users

It would be greatly appreciatedif you could share some of the pics inan online photoalbum?

Keep up the good work m8

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Hi - I too have the S4i and all my pictures are turning out soft (almost out of focus in some areas) - Looks like Steve is seeing this as well (based on his review) - have you seen this>?
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Yeah. And in fact I am gonna take the camera back. After reading Steve's review I went home and took like another 200.00 shots and looked at them. Then I spent a few hours in Photoshop to see what I could do with them and they still looked so-so. Now, I am no Photoshop master by any means but I do well enough.

Anyway, I was dissapointed by the landscape pictures BEFORE I read the review and now I am sure of the lack of sharpness.

Let me say this, the S4i takes really nice INDOOR pictues but outside it seems to have a problem with high contrast areas and fine details. Trees always looked a little too smooth for me to like. This is a really cool little camera if you want to take indoor pics only.

So I have decided to take the camera back to Ritz and am back looking for the perfect camera.
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