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Hi to all! I'd like to buy Optio Mx (i have also S1IS, good video quality but bulky!!!!) and sell my camcorder Canon Optura. Could you think that Mx represents a good camcorder replacement?The video quality (in low light especially) is it so bad ???What do you think?

I had also observed that S1 is more customizable in video mode (you could refine White Balance) than Mx. Could you confirm this? Could be a problem for video quality in Mx??

"Thanks a lot for suggestions!!!

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I think any system that stores digital video on a memory card instead of tape has anlimitationdue tocard size. Even if the video quality is excellent you will need a big expensive memory card to store video rather than a few inexpensive tapes. I think the new Pentax ads which call it the official digital camera of the internet (what ever that means) says alot, this is a camera for short video clips, however remember that major motion pictures are only shot as a bunch of short clips and then edited together.

I would love to have one, but I don't see it as a replacement for a good DVcam.

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have to agree with monza76. i have both the optio mx and a good videocam. they complement, but can't replace, one another. by the way, the optio mx is also somewhat bulky in shape, so if you think the s1is is bulky, you won't be too happy with the optio. i think the optio is now out in places like ritz, costco, etc. you should take a good look at it and even try it out, if they'll let you, before even considering it as an s1is replacement. (steve does not think it's a good replacement, as i recall. read his review.)
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Old Sep 3, 2004, 5:49 AM   #4
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I agree with you Ochiruna, but S1IS is heavier than mx (100 grams) and IMO Mx has also a "regular shape", that makes it easier to carry in a very small bag. What do you think?

Please, I have two questions:

1)Is it possible to use MMC card in in the slot of MX?

2)Is itnecessary to buY a fast SD card (like ULTRA 2) to record movie at [email protected] or a normal sd card is enough?



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I got this camera in hopes that it would be at least almost as good as a camcorder andI was thinking "wow,memerycard movie recording" So, this is what I have discovered about the video capabilities of thiscamera:

1)The video jumps and doesn't seem to run at a steady 30 fps.

2) The video is poorwith harshnoise and color streaking when filming in a small room with both a table light and ceiling light on. It almost reminded me of a cheap cmos webcam. You need very bright light to get a so-so image out of this thing and even then it isn't that great especially when you watch it on a big tv.

3) There is a whinning sound in the video from the zooming motor when zooming.

4) There is a consistent beeping sound in the video from the focusing motor, wow how impressive....NOT!

5) When zooming to telephoto, the camera occasionally has problems focusing.

So, when taking the videos, this camera is no way near as good as a camcorder. I returned this and got an actual camcorder instead.

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