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Default Pentax Optio S4 picture quality


I have just recently bought myself a Pentax Optio S4 and have a question about the picture qualtiy.

I have the feeling that the pictures are very grainy and soft. I cannot really describe this effect, but I think what comes closest to my impressions is a "watercolor" effect, a filter to be found in Adobe Photoshop for example. If you resize them, the pcitures are perfect, but if you look at them in full ress, there is this effect. Am I doing anything wrong? Should I lower the setting for sharpness? Or the opposite?

I've posted a sample (note that the picture might not be optimal anyway because of the light, but the effect is visible on every other picture). You can see the effect for example on the lamppost in the middle-left of the picture.

Sample Picture Link

Hope you can help me and that you won't have to tell me to exchange the camera because it's faulty :shock:

greetings eMpTy
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Old Dec 17, 2003, 12:21 AM   #2
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wow that picture IS really grainy. i am about to purchase the optio s4 (i think, still making my final choices) but if thats the picture quality... i dont know...

but i don't think a problem as major as that would go by unnoticed by reviewers... maybe it is a faulty camera?

maybe you should try to lower the sharpness as well (it looks like those pictures have gone through Photoshop's "sharpen more" filter)
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Old Dec 17, 2003, 4:34 PM   #3
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That's pretty much normal with a digital camera, especially smaller ones. They are going to have some noise, especially in low light situations. You can compensate a bit by setting the ISO to 50, and can run a 'despeckle' or noise reduction filter on the image on the PC. However, like you mentioned - if you're not viewing it at 100%, you won't notice it. If you're printing 4x6 or 5x7 images, you won't notice it, either.
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A little late on my posting but this might help for other readers. He has a case of the camera " working to hard " to compensate for insufficient light. Look at the overall picture. This is one BIG " in the shade shot ".. Most cameras set in auto mode will do the same thing. His focal point/subject matter I would guess to be, the people in the car waiting for him to take the shot.
If you have to take this same type of shot and have a camera with manual settings like ISO, fstop, white balance, go in there and have fun. If you don't like how it turned out delete the picture, change a few setting's and try again. Don't be affraid of messing things up in the camera because once you take your shots you can switch back to auto mode aka. " no stress mode " aka " no brainer mode " and the camera will ignore the settigs you played with.
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