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Hi there all,

I've upgraded (I'm not sure whether I can call it an upgrade now) to an Optio S6 after having owned an Optio S4. :-?

However, a few things have started to cause me angst.

1) The newtwo flash feature of having two flashes in a row whenever you take a photo is crap for taking photos of my baby daughter as she closes her eyes and you can neverget a nice shot. With the Optio S4, I have always been able to get great shots of my daughter. Now, I only get pictures with her eyes closed or half open.

2) Taking a photo without the flash on produces blurred images when indoors... not low light situation... the room lights are on...

3) Taking photos with the automatic mode when the flash is activated makes images too bright as the flash is too strong. Using the soft flash option is slightly better, but still the subject/object is far too bright.

I guess that I want to find out more from other S6 owners if they have the same problem??? Or is it just my camera? Is there anyway to get the S6 to bypass the two flash and use just a single flash like the S4? :?

I wish that Steve had done a review before I bought the S6 as I'm afraid that I've got a dud. (Should've kept the S4 before buying the S6!!) :angry:


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Old Dec 23, 2005, 2:13 AM   #2
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I also had problems with the picture performance of this camera and especially the video clips, they almost looked 320X240 but they were 640 X 480! They look worse than Pentax's earlier model, the Optio S5n or S5z. I returned this camera and will be getting another camera that is not Pentax this time around.

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Old Jan 6, 2006, 12:57 PM   #3
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I have the same problem with my baby (3 month old) because of the 2 flashes of the S6 I get bad pictures because he closes his eyes. I called the Pentax support because of this problem and a squealing sound in my videos and they wanted me to return the optio S6. But in the documentation it is written that the double/triple flash is normal and I bypassed the squealing sound by reencoding easily the soundtrack of my videos in mp3 (with pocketpcencoder you can do this in a batch).
And now that I see other people have the same problem I know the Pentax Technical support won't help me so........ Hope a new firmware will come so that we can take better pictures of our children before they become too old
If someone has a workaround, please tell us...
vincentace NOSPAM @ NOSPAM gmail.com
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I have had the same bad experience with the S6. My grandson's pics are a blur most of the time, or he has turned away from the "good" shot.

Also, on many pictures that are light, I am getting pink sky and pink light areas, which is really annoying. I have tried to set it to the different modes (like children or pets), but I can't figure out which modes cause the pink areas.:?

The other thing I really hate is that there is no place to look at your picture except the screen. When it is light outside, the screen is blanked out, and I can't see what I am shooting.

I am planning to return the camera to the store.:-?

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