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View Poll Results: Which is the best ultra compact digi cam?
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Pentax S4i 5 100.00%
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Old Mar 18, 2004, 12:41 PM   #1
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Default Pentax S4(i) lense quality?

Hi everybody.

I'm a newbie, so you'll have to be patient with me.

I've been reading so many reviews that my head is spinning. Few of them seem to agree on the "best" for the compact type of digi cam.

I want to buy something ultra portable, but great picture quality is still #1 for me. I have heard things regarding the durability of Pentax S, S4, S4i products. Namely that the way the lense retracts is not "normal". Because of the thin size, I was told (by a salesman at Japan Camera -- a large camera franchise in Canada) that when the lense moves into the camera, it moves in and to the side, creating a sort of upside "V" with all the lense parts and then when the camera is turned on the lense parts essentially take turns reassembling themselves to move out. Again, I was told that this system, within 2 years, would cause the lenses to misalign -- creating terrible pictures. Unlike the Nikon which is a bit bigger, and lower MP, but has a lense that retracts in and out "normally" (doesn't move off to the side and disassemble itself). So that the lense would be more durable and provide better pictures especially in the future. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, I was told that in general, even though the Pentax has 4 MP as opposed to Nikon's 3.2, it still doesn't provide better picture quality? Again, has anyone been able to compare the two or would recommend maybe a different ultra compact camera to me? Maybe the small Casio EXZ4u model? I'd appreciate the input a lot.
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Old Apr 27, 2004, 12:46 AM   #2
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Default You need to Decide what is most important to you

My First digital Camera was the much Vaunted Nikon 995.

I still have it but I do not like to carry it all the time.

Cameras come in aprox 4 size classes and with ***differing mixes of features.*** There is also no subsitute for a test drive either in a store or a place with a return policy (watch for weight qoutes without batt. or flash memory [the cat. below are supposed to be with both]).

That test drive will tell you not just quality but interaction with controls and menus speed etc..


Tiny: Around 4 Ounces (e.g. Optio S4i, Casio Z40, etc.)
Small Around 6 Ounces
Mediaum Around 8 ounces
Large around 12+ Ounces

There is no such thinig as a perfect Digital Camera. Different people have not only different requirments, but there are differeing qualiites and $. Anywhere from $200 to $5000 dollars.

I choose the Pentax Otio S4i becaues it had the following features that were important to me and unique even several size classes up

Unique in this Size Class
*Macro @ 2 Inches
*Remote Option $30
* Tripod Mount
* Video Out
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