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Default Pentax s4i questions........I need help!

hi everyone, hope you don't mind helping me out with a question or two about the s4i. like some other people on the board, i've been trying to decide between the cybershot t1, powershot s500 and this camera, and have finally decided (well, nearly) to go with the pentax. i'd like to see what the cradle unit looks like though, could anyone provide me with a link to it or photo of it? also, one of the other posts here says that the movie mode records at 30 fps, but i've read other descriptions that say it's 15 fps- which one is it really? finally, is the battery life, with the LCD in use, decent? i previously owned a fuji finepix (4700 i think) and the battery life was absolutely atrocious. thanks for your help!
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Pentax S4i overview and specs:


I am very happy with my s4i, I bought from ritzcamera because it was $349 delivered and they had a Money back Guarantee and had it in stock.

Its a great little camera with the best feature set of any camera that is small. The only way to get more features is go with large Size Digicams that are 12+ ounces.

Main features of interest to me:
Small Good quality camera
Good Pictures
Good Macro (2 inches)
Video Out
Good Battery Life
Tripod mount
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15fps is the correct number, at SIF resolution (320x240). I have owned this camera now for 4-5 days, and I love it! I have for 20 years used SLR equipment, so for my first digital I wanted something completely different: small size! The first weekend I used it alot of course, took a lot of pics which I deleted most of (just testing...), and tested also the video capture. Did camera<-->PC setup, and used the display a lot. Battery lasted for 1.5 days! Pentax says it should last 180 pictures with display on and falsh on 50% of pictures. Might be true. The Casio ZX-40 is said to last double (360 pics), but it is larger, but has also a larger LCD (2inch vs 1.8inch), and Casio docking station is power + USB, whileS4i docking is power (i.e. recharge) only. I don't know if Casio docking can be used for AC power without charging battery, with pentax you have to order separate AC.

I considered Casio, but S4i is smaller, and....., its a true Pentax!

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It's a funny thing. I was enthused about the S4i - until I first saw and held one yesterday at Ritz! Is it Steve or one of the other major reviewers who says to be sure to check 'em out at the store before committing. On paper, I thought it seemed great - still does, on paper- but it's so darned small! My hands were all over it, andI felt like I was using a wristwatch. It's cute (adorable, says the wife), but I now have a new list in my camera selection process - size! Even the S40 is a bit too small, with the Sony P series being just about right - handling wise. I want it pocketable, but not absurdley so. I'm still waiting to see the Sony W1, which is just a bit bigger than the S40 and may be just right. For those of you using the S4i, have you gotten used to the diminutive controls?

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yes of course it's tiny, but that for me is the point that i love about it! it fit's your pocket and still you have 4mp, 3x optical zoom and a shit load of features...
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