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chakraenergy Jun 19, 2005 3:10 PM

I'm looking for a camera with mpeg-4 movie mode, does anybody know if these two cameras have the same quality movie mode? Is one better than the other in terms of making movies? I have the z750 but am considering trading it in because i'd prefer a smaller camera like the s5n. Is the s5n as quick and snappy as the z750?

buddy1065 Jul 1, 2005 1:23 PM

Not sure which is better quality but I do own a Z750 and the quality rivals a single chip digital camcorder in my opinion, in fact some might be hard pressed to tell if a Z750 clip was not from a camcorder. From what I hear the S5n/Z750 is not compatible with Macs, however a downloaded codec from here will enable your Quicktime player to play the Casio MPEG4 video files: (put "EX_m4s2" into a search engine) The Casio is so pocketable I forget it is in my jeans pocket. Not sure how the S5N can compare as far as size is concerned, but the Casio is perfect carry around cam.

hikerdave Jul 6, 2005 1:00 PM

I just got the Pentax Sz5 and the movies also do not play on a MAC. Buddy1065 can you repost the link you have for the codec for the casio, maybe it will work on the Pantex also.Never mind I found it at: it does work! Thank you!

slipe Jul 6, 2005 1:26 PM

The US site lists the S5Z as having MPEG4, but neither the specs in dpreview or the British Pentax site list it for the S5n.

The older format 640 X 480 movies at 30fps are every bit as good as MPEG4. The movies just take more space on the card.

I found a British review of the S5n. It said it is nearly identical to the S5i except for the larger LCD, no viewfinder and better movie mode. They also didn't list MPEG4. If times are the same as the S5i it isn't nearly as quick as the Z750:

The Casio S500 is already available overseas and will be available everywhere shortly. You might want to wait for that if you want a tiny camera. You get MPEG4 and don't have to give up the great past movie mode.

chakraenergy Jul 6, 2005 3:48 PM

I was very disappointed in the s100's picture quality. Has casio changed or perfected the lens?

slipe Jul 6, 2005 7:35 PM

I just happen to have these online from another discussion. This is for my Z750 compared to some others in the size range:

Here are some 8Mp prosumer cameras and a DSLR with a Canon and Nikon fixed focal length lens tuned in aperture for best resolution. You will notice the Casio is hanging in there:

In this review he says the Z750 is sharper than the S100, otherwise I know nothing of the S100. I didn't consider a Casio until they came out with the Z750:

I have no idea how the S500 is going to work out. We'll just have to wait for some reviews. If someone gave me one I would just pass it on – I have no use for a camera quite that limited.

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