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Default Pixel Resolution

I'm new to digital photography and I'm thinking of buying the Optio 330. I've downloaded some of Steve's sample jpeg images from this site (good range Steve), and on opening them in Photoshop noticed that while the pixel dimensions are 2048x1536, the resolution is only 72ppi. Is the reason for this because of posting images on the web, or is this the highest resolution of this camera? Someone please tell me that the finest/highest resolution images are 256 or even 300 pixels per inch...?
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the only thing bad with Pentax Opios is that u see lots of DOTs on the picture... if u want a picture dot free go and look at the 3mp sonys.. sonys wont disapoint u
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The camera is still delivering all 2048 x 1536 pixels worth of picture content to your computer.

The 72 ppi sizing is done by Photoshop and refers to the approximate pixel density as seen on your monitor. 72 ppi is about the finest detail a typical monitor can resolve.

The 2048 x 1538 pixel count of the camera's image is pixels per entire picture (width or height) as opposed to pixels per inch. At 72 ppi the entire picture would be about 28 x 21 inches, then obviously only part of it can be seen on the screen at a time. If you were able to display the picture at 200 or 300 ppi so it all fit on the screen, the monitor couldn't resolve all the finest details and also the video card would have had to digest the picture down so all the subject matter fits its 1024 x 768 or whatever screen resolution you chose. What Photoshop saves is still 2048 x 1536 if that is what you desire.

Typically for web publishing, you would first select the portion of the picture you want to use (crop the picture) and also make a copy of that portion reformatted to occupy (scaled to) fewer pixels, say 640 x 480. You would still save the 2048 x 1536 original in case you want to do more editing.

Other useful hints:
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