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Hey guys this is driving me crazy.. I have a ton of videos i recorded on my s5z, i put them all on my computer, and they all work fine in windows media player..but i want to do some editing to make a dvd, making the dvd is easy enough ive done that in nero a lot of times. The problem i have though is when i start to edit the videos, in Adobe Premiere (tried 3 or 4 differnt versions) and in Sony Vegas, the videos are very distorted in bright ugly colors. All the movies run fine on windows mediaplayer. I tried to open them in Virtual dub to try uncompressing them to see if that would work, no luck it just saves the distortion in the new video file. I tried canopus Procoder2 and i changed the videos to something else (mpeg4 i think..) and then they were usable in premiere.. but i have 50 videos and that turned a 50 second movie into a 100 meg file... I have no clue about this, does anyone have any ideas at all????
Thanks for any help
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an update.. been using nero vision although its a bit limited, its video editing is ok and i can export to xvid or divx ok. gonna try and do most of my editing in there and use encore or even nero vision to make the actual dvd + menus
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Hi Cory20,

I have an S5z and have very successfully converted to DVD.

I have put together a process for this.

Because I used Steve's Digicams reviews to choose my camera, I'm more than happy to give back some learnings.

The s5z raw files are mpeg4 compressed avi which virtual dub doesn't allow for commercial reasons.

So first I convert the s5z files to uncompressed avi using freeware, RAD Video tools (Bink & Smack).

Expect the new uncompressed file to be like 20-40 times the size. I also save the avi using a lossless codec called huff-yuv which roughly halves the size of the avi (but probably is not necessary).

You can then edit the avi files in virtual dub and use all your favourite filters etc.

You can then convert the output file to DVD using your preferred process.

Let me know if you have any questions.

If you get stuck, you can email me a small sample movie file (under say 5MB) and I can quickly check it for you.

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