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Just got this for the girlfriend as she wants a tiny camera for her purse! Took a risk on this after reading lots of reviews either praising it or slagging it off.

I have taken a lot of test shots a maximum res and min compression. Findings are similar t osteves, 50% of shots have a blurry look on left side of picture. One side is sharp and excellent but other is poor.

Movie Mode! Abysmal. I cannot watch it as the quality is awful. Very blocky and not a patch on my old Olympus C4000. Same res and frame rate apparantly. Does anyone else have this fault or is it just me?

I have a 30 day return on this product so I will be taking it back. Not sure if I will try another one which is a pity as otherwise it is excellent for her. Very simple to use and tiny!

Probably now looking at the Sony DCT1.

Any guidance most appreciated.



Ps mine is assembled in the Phillipines.

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As you have read, the Pentax Optio Sx has obvious a production stability problem. My S4i is better than this. You should ask for replacement, or go for a camera with larger CCD.
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The T1 will give better movies. But the flash is so weak it is almost useless except for portraits and I don't personally like a camera with no viewfinder other than the LCD.

Check the modes on the camera and make sure you aren't in macro, manual focus or portrait mode. The whole picture looks bad to me, and my S4 is a reasonably sharp camera. It appears it is focused a very short distance in front of the camera as things get softer with distance.
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Well, you may want to make sure you are not in Macro Focus Mode.

The EXIF shows SubjectFocusRange=Close View.

That sounds like Macro mode to me (or one of the scene modes may be designed to do the same thing, like the "flower scene mode" I see mentioned in the specs).

Normal Macro Focus on your camera is only designed to work from 1.7 Inches to 1.64 Feet. I'm surprised the camera worked as well as it did.

If all else fails, read the manual. :-)

Edit: I checked the EXIF on Steve's Macro photo, and the EXIF says Macro. So, it probably was not in macro mode. I still think it could have been using some kind of scene mode that caused it to focus at too close of a range (or it was simply focusing too close). I'd make sure you are in Normal Autofocus Mode (not in a scene mode, or using any kind of fixed focus choice). Then, try the same shot again (making sure you've got focus lock).

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Hi Barijohn,

The S4i does not treat the pictures very much in its default menu setting. You will have to either increase the settingsfor sharpness, contrast, intensity a.s.o. in the menu or you do post-treatment with Photoshop or another program of this kind.
I have done some treatment to your picture

As JimC wrote, it is very important to put the settings right. For this picture you should have selected "infinite" with the button and focusing would probably have come better.
Try it and show us more pictures.
cheers ..... Mark
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