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I bought the S4i and the jury's still out. Today I read Steve's updated conclusion and was very happy with it. Then I looked at his sample pics (which were taken using the new S4i) and compared them to the Canon S410, which seems to be setting the pace, in terms of picture quality. The Canon pics were all more vibrant, colorful, sharp, and clear.

I would appreciate it if someone else could do this comparison and let me know if my eyes are playing tricks on me. Is there any other reason why those S410 pics look better other than its picture quality just being superior?

I chose the S4i because of its size, but I don't know if I could justify the purchase if it means compromising picture quality.
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I am also pleased to see the new conclusion, I fell in love with my S4i for the second time! :-)

I think the new sample pictures are having same quality as I see resulting from my own camera. There is still somewhat too much noise at ISO 50 (e.g. look at the red boat), but I can live with it. I also think the picture quality of the Canon is a little better, but I think in fact that the difference is only marginal. I have traded size for quality buying this camera, I know, but the size of the s4i makes me able to have it with me all time, and that has given me a new possibility of capturing situations that I could not with my SLR equipment... (or any digicam that simply is a little too heavy or big in size so that I select not to carry it), because it simply was not there when I needed it!
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If I recall correctly, this second S4i was provided by Pentax, no? Reiterated: If this camera was provided directly from Pentax, I'd take his conclusions with a large grain of salt...except for the quality control or manufacturing issues. From all the comments I've read about this camera, there's no way anybody should risk buying it online. Now if you wanna go down to your local photostore and ask them to open up a bunch of boxes to test them out, that's a different story. I actually might go ahead and do that, but I'm not enthused about it. Plus, I know that I'm gonna have to pay up for the "privelege" of buying locally, which sucks...especially when I see all the package deals on Ebay.
I'll probably go with the S410, but I'm a little wary of the shutter lag and movie frame rates.
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After so much complaining when Steve ripped the S4i, I'm very disappointed that people are sittting like sheep after he re-reviewed it. Do yourself a favor and look at his new sample pics and add comments.
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You do not need to buy a S4i or anything locally. As always buy on Plastic and make sure Dealer has a Money Back Guarantee....

To the person who mentioned "package deals"? The camera, most cameras come complete. In this case about $349 delivered. It is normally way cheaper to buy memory and accessories elsewhere.

Only options are the Remote E that can be bought from anywhere from $20 to 35.

A 256mb or larger memory card.

....... Anyway if your in the marketfour a Tiny camera with a lot of features theS4i is just about the best. If you are looking for a small camera there are a lot of choices.

Keep in mind Unique to S4i besides size: Good Macro, Good Speed, Tripod mount, remote, and Video Out. if the latter few are not important you have a million other choices.

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