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Having just returned my Pentax M10 today, I can comfortably say that Pentax has not learned any of its previous lessons, and continues to deliver poor quality digital P&S cameras.

The M10 has an absolutely atrocious Macro mode, lousy LCD Screen and below average image quality. Maybe that's why it is cheap .......

With Fuji picking up the pace, and both Sony and Canon delivering quality budget cameras, perhaps Pentax will see its end very soon.
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I agree with you. Recently, I purchased online the Pentax Optio 50L thinking that with its low price it may just be the one I needed for daily carry camera. It was a mistake. Here are the problems I had with the Pentax Optio 50L;

1. It took 1 second after I pressed the shutter button for the lens aperture to open and close to capture my subject. The camera's response was 1 second late after I pressed the shutter button. At first I thought it might be the focusing action that was causing the 1 second delay, so I pre-focus the camera by pressing the shutter button half-way and waited for the green light before pressing it all the way down. Result? There really was a 1 second delay. I missed the exact time of event I wanted to shoot because of the camera's 1 second delay.

2. Optio 50L will focus only in no less than bright light condition. I mean "no less than bright light condition." Talking about low light indoor shooting with this camera is irrelevant. I tried this camera indoor with a 40W flourescent lighting and the camera will focus only on a subject that was directly under the light. This camera is only for sunny day outdoor photo shooting, if you can also figure out the 1 second delay of lens aperture action.

3. It was a battery eater. The new two sets of alkaline batteries I tried were declared low-batt along with a shutdown by the Optio 50L after 10 to 15 shots with flash. Freshly charged two sets of 1800 mAh NiMH (two batteries each time) lasted a few shots more than the alkalines in the Optio 50L. The same sets of alkaline batteries deemed drained by the Optio 50L were still able to take 30 continous shots with flash in the Canon A610. The same sets (un-recharged) of NiMH was still able to shoot 45 to 55 pictures with flash in the Canon A610.

4. The price of Optio 50L is expensive considering its severe performance disability.

5. I am now down 10% restocking fee and $5 mailing cost to return the camera.

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It seems that Pentax has a knack of producing cheap and terrible cameras.

Not only is the A90 error very common across the Optio range, but worksmanship and performance of Pentax P&S cameras are extremely poor.

I did some research on the internet, and apparently many, many others are having problems with the Optio cameras as well.

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