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Alright, I'm really liking the 750Z. When you look at all the specs, it just seems like such a cool camera! 7mp, movie option, small size, retro look, nice zoom...swivel lcd! It looks awesome! BUT, then you read the reviews. Some people say it's great, some people say it's not so hot.

I really just need some honest opinions. I want a great camera, and right now i want the 750z. But I can't deal with a flaky camera. I'm moving overseas next year, and can't have it breaking on me (especially since I'll be taking pictures like crazy). Can I trust this camera, or should I get over it, and look at another camera?
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Hi ht64,

I was looking around for a camera with specific requirements in mind, decent zoom, good macro, twist & swivel display, pocketable, 7-8MP etc.

I checked out a lot of cameras, got rid of SLR's for the size and need for multiple lenses, which left the A200 (large, focussing issues), Coolpix 8800 (large), G6 (bigger/awkward shape, macro nowhere near as good), Olympus 7070W (large, zoom range too small), Olympus 8080W (Huge). All had their merits but also the above demerits. This left only one that I could easily get hold of that fitted the bill, the Pentax Optio 750z.

I am very glad that I bought it and a bit puzzled by the lukewarm reception that it seems to get. It fits every one of my requirements spot on and has given me some great photos in the time that I have owned it. The handling is good, the twist & swivel display excellent for low level macro, the macro mode is superb (often down to near 1cm)and there are tons of adjustments / features to try out.

It has been criticised for slow start up, I reckon it's about 3.5 to 4 sec and it doesn't seem slow. The display is 1.8" and I would like it a bit bigger, but it's close to other cameras here. It doesn't have a raw mode, not a bother for me, if I was that serious, I would get an SLR, I just use the best JPEG mode which gives about 3 meg / image.

As I said above I am very pleased with it and it's worked perfectly so far.
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