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Hello there,
I've read a lot of forum posts and was looking at eBay and other shops etc. - but still I am not very sure about all that lens stuff.

Can someone please point me to a simple and straightforward description what lenses I can use on my *ist DL2 and what limitations I would face?

I'll give you some examples so you can see where I am lost:

they say, you can use all lenses made for Pentax, but there is the bayonette mount (is this the "K-mount"?) and the M42 mount... I assume M42 wouldn't fit on my DL2? Or do I simply need an adapter and then I can use them? With or without AF and/or auto-exposure??

If I see a lens description and it says K or M then everything is manual, right? The camera would still give me the information (under/overexposure, AF hint) but I have to set these things on the lens and not in camera - right? So for example I would set f/5.6 on the lens AND do the manual focussing. Do I have to set the same f/5.6 on the camera too? It won't detect it from the lens, right?

A lenses will "communicate" with the camera and the camera is able to auto exposure, but I will have to MF all the way - like with newer lenses when I use the MF function?

F lenses - these are fulle operational on my cam - with both auto exposure and auto focus. Plug it on the cam and happilly fire away? Yes?

FA - what's this? I found in another post, that these will write MTF to the camera... what is it?

==> you see - I need some kind of guide here, so where is my starting point to read and understand and find my way out of that jungle?

Thanks in advance,
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I'm no expert so I'm sure someone will correct me but I'll try and answer some of your questions.
  1. All lenses will fit your camera, except the m42 lenses which are screwmounts. You will need a screwmount->k-mount adapter to use these lenses on your camera.[/*]
  2. You're correct, K + M on Pentax lenses mean manual, although K is sometimes referring to the mount with 3rd party lenses. When using a manual lense the camera will only display the shutter speed. AV will show as -- . To take a picture you set the aperture on the lense and then press AE-L. The lense will stop down to your selected aperture and then take a meter reading and adjust the shutter speed accordingly. It will then open up the lense again.
    When you take a shot it will stop down and then open the shutter.[/*]
  3. Only A and newer lenses will communicate with the camera[/*]
  4. Im not 100% about F, but I believe you are correct in that they have auto focus and exposure aswell as allowing you to set the AV on the camera
  5. FA lenses are fully automatic, AutoExposure, AutoFocus.
    I'm not sure what MTF stands for, but I believe its to do with telling the camera what the lenses optimal settings are.[/*]
Hope that helps a bit.

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nadnerbanswers your questions quite succinctly & explains the differences between the lens across the whole Pentax range.

Isn't quite amazing that Pentax cameras STILL support every lens manufactured - no other camera manufacturer can boastsuch backwards compatability& is a point quietly overlooked by most reviewers.

If you're thinking of adding additional lens, then look to see what your requirement is. If it's to extent the modest range of the kit lens, then the Pentax DA 50-200mm is a good lens and gets favourable reviews - I'm very pleased with mine.

There are other lens in the DA range (quite expensive) but there's far more selection in older FA lens etc. Bear in mind that the older the lens design, the more manual the use will be so if you want fully automatic then I'd suggest that you stay with FA & DA lens. Also don't overlook independent lens manufactures; Sigma & Tamron produce some good lens.

As with all things, there are good and not so good lens, so check before investing your hard earned cash either by searching for reviews on-line or requesting information through this forum where you'll find a host of helpful users willing to impart their knowledge.
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Thanks for the answers so far...

I don't know for what lenses I will go in the future yet - as this is a family camera (yes - I share it with my daughter and wife... with me taking 90-95% of the shots) and I have to pay attention that a "good picture" is guaranteed when some1 grabs it and uses in AUTO mode.

So it's F, FA and DA lenses for me? These will do all the automatic stuff needed for "point and shoot" and I still might get my bargain on older F or FA lenses - right?

As for now my budget is spent - got the *istDL2 body, the kit lens, a bag and some rechargeables.

As a walkaround lense I bought a very cheap 28-200mm Voigtlaender lens (http://www.voigtlaender.de/cms/voigt...san6m4duk.html) so we can go out an snap some photos for now. First impressions: not very sharp, but will do nicely for the normal photo print. Since I'll sent in my camera to correct a frontfocus issue I won't comment on the lens now in more detail - but will do tests later if any1 is interested.

So with 2 lenses to choose from (Kit for quality, 28-200 zoom for walkaround) I have plenty of time to wait for my chance to grab a nice prime but more important a fast/bright/sharp medium zoom lens. Maybe I wait and see what the new 17-70 lens from Pentax will look like or - and that's why my question - I stumble about a nice offer on eBay etc.

What are the real bargains you wouldn't let go if you could get your hands on them in the price range up to 200 EUR? Low light / available light and "capture a moment" including moving objects in everyday life situations makes a big part of my photography - so as I said... a fast/bright lens with somewhat zoom for composition would be ideal.

I don't care if the lense is old as long as it's in good condition!

Have fun taking pics and thanks for all the support!

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With the screw mount lenses, they will work on Av mode giving an automatic exposure mode, as well as full manual metering.

The down side is that you must set the apeture manually before shooting, which can make focusing difficult at small apeture settings.

This sometimes means focusing at full apeture than setting the apeture for metering.

My favourite lens is my Vivitar Series 1 200mm f 3, even though it is screw mount.
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to my knowledge FA lenses add focal lenght info to exif data apart from shutter and aperture settings while F lenses don't.

if you look for point and shoot lens you have only choice of DA FA and F lenses, all other need at least manual focus.

BTW: K and M lenses work only in M mode.

and to use K, M and A lenses you have to set aperture ring allowed in custom settings menu.

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