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Hi to all,

I am sorry if you all have answered this question before but I am such a newbie I can't tell from my searches if what you have said to others applies to my needs. I have learned from my reading your resonses to others that what lenses you need REALLY depends on how you use the camera.

I am about to order a K100d (yipee!) and would like to know what lenses you recommend for my needs. I will probably order the kit lens to start off unless you all suggest otherwise.

I will be photographing kids/pets/family gatherings indoors. I would like to be able to do some portraits. Flash recommendations would also be appreciated. Non complicated ease of use would be a priority right now.

Outdoors I will be shooting my daughter at horse shows. Shots can be from as close as 15-20 feet to across a ring or field. Action would be as fast as a galloping horse can go.

Also will be shooting my son on his quad. Fairly fast.

Outdoor family gatherings and to a lesser extent landscapes.

I would like to say that cost is not an issue but, of course, it is. However, I don't need to have everything right now so I am certainly willing to wait and save to get the right thing.

I really appreciate any help you can give and hope to become a regular poster.

Thanks, Robin

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welcome to the board robin. i's suggest the pentax DA 50-200. it complimets the kit lense very well and with the 2 covers a large range. neither could be called fast tho. shoot with these 2 lenses for a while and you will come to know what range of faster primes you will want to get.

have fun,
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Roy's advice of the DA 50-200 with the kit lens is a good one, and they are quite cost effective. You might also think about getting one of the 50mm fast primes (either 1.4 or 1.7) but if you buy a used lens, make sure you understand what capabilities the particular lens has. They've made 50mm 1.4 lenses that vary from completely manual to auto focus/auto exposure. All will work with the camera but you'd have to live with the limitation of the lens (a manual focus lens won't suddenly become an auto focus one). The M and K (manual)1.7 lenses are very sharp and quite a bit less expensive, but not to everyone's liking.

I still haven't managed to make it to a horse show yet (no longer have horses) so I haven't tried to photograph one since the longest lens I had was 135mm. I would think that the 200mm would be long enough, but you might think about getting a 70-300.
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Thank you both for replying. B and H has the camera and kit lens right now for $569 plus a $50 rebate and the 50-200mm lens for $229 plus a $50 rebate so I will probably go for both.

What 70-300mm would you recommend? I might be better off waiting and getting that perhaps.

I have read about the wonderful 50mm primes. I certainly do not aspire to pro level but I would love to be able to take some wonderful quality shots of my kids. I am more comfortable with as much "auto" as I can get as this point in my learning. Do you have any good suggestions?

Thanks, Robin
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