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i was just getting ready to get the tamron when low and behold a Pentax Rear Converter-A 1.4X-S showed up on ebay for 129usd BIN. twice as much as the tamron but not their pro model. my A300 and 500mm are both waiting. i've been wanting something with a tad more reach than 300mm that is handholdable. now i'll have a 420mm f5.6..
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You want PENTAX stamped on it for the $$$$ ... go ahead.... (And probably actually made by Tamron or someone other than Pentax.)

I have heard very little... in fact NOTHING said ill of the Tamron 1.4x TC. Nor for any platform it is made for, including the in breed boys club of C & N.

Yes you can get slightly (test chart) better for BIG bucks but maybe all but the, darn the $$ purists, reluctantly conceed a really amazing wonderfully economical piece of glass for what it does)

And considering in most other areas SIGMA and TAMRON go 1:1... even to specs and product... there is no comparable Sigma TC.

And you just want an FYI.... not an exempalary WOW pic (just what sunset was tonight)... but full 300/450mm on a P Sigma 70-300 at ISO 800 WITH the Tam 1.4x

I could think of FAR worse results.... especially at 1/45 sec (free hand held and well over by like 10:1 of safe shutter = FL so any lack of quaity is the IS not the TC) and 10D only IS compensating for the 300/450MM. vs the 630mm it actually was... while all the AF/AE stuff is, TC magnification is not reported to the IS or EXIF. And could have been faster but I really like trhe K10D sweet spot exposure AE setting if possible.... hense this f/8 deeper DOF (even exposure) vs the faster 5.6 it could have been.... and still 1/45 sec at 630 mm only IS compensated for 450mm.

Which I guess that gives accolades to BOTH the Tam 1.4 TC and the equally realtively inexpensive but quality SIGMA 70-300mm
(Because no matter what you put a TC on the lens has to perform well to begin with)

And $60 vs near $200 (maybe more)???? For a TC that doesn't REALLY do much if any bettert? (other than on test charts) Again just do the math/practicality :?

(Unless maybe you have a PRO biz you can write it off against.)

PS I wish I had taken a "normal" FL shot of this... but this is definately an under 5 deg FOV and that Cat is a good 1/4 mile+ away at least.

Just look at the apparent size of the sun.
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I've got a Pentax Rear Converter2XS. There is a difference. This pic was cropped... substantially...

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