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Found this on ebay today.... get these both for $189.95 should I jump on this!?!?!!

Pentax AF Mount Tamron 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 Autofocus Zoom Lens

Pentax AF Mount Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di LD Macro Lens
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Hi James,

First of all , your post was very hard for me to read because of the font color change (I've set my preferences to black text on a white background, so your post is white on white -- others may differ).

To answer your question, this appears to be the standard Tamron two lens kit, normal street price appears to be $289. If these lenses are in good shape, etc., then you'd be getting them for the new price of the 70-300 alone. I'm not familiar with the 28-80, but the 70-300 LD Di is very well regarded in the consumer grade lenses in this focal length range. You can probably find a number of posts on this forum where members have used it to very good effect.

I'd consider returnability and warrantee coverage in your deliberations as, to my mind at least, this represents a good deal, but not a steal, especially if you're mostly interested in the 70-300, as I would guess most people are.

Here's a link to the normal deal from a very reputable online dealer:


Hope that helps some. . .


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Actually I have rarely seen them new online for greatly over $200... maybe $225

The are low end versions of the lenses.... not bad but not great either. They usually come with a pouch/bag which can be handy.

Not sure Tamron sells this 70-300mm separately..... but it is equivalent to the non APO Sigma which sells for around $129.

Sigma sells a similar kit with that 70-300mm and a 28-80 as well.

Both kits are decent enough starter lenses... but not that greater a bargain over the lenses individually except for the bonus bag.

I had the Sigma kit....as I got l for about this price maybe $199 as I recall. I kept the 70-300mm but sold the 28-80mm.... I liked the Pentax kit lens a lot more, and 28-80 seemed pretty redundant.... Think I got about $55 for it as new... might have gotten more but I knew it would sell at that quick and did. Nice that it overlapped with the 70-300, but 28mm was just not wide enough often, and that 55-70mm hole is pretty insignificant.

Butif you need both lenses it worth it and a decent deal,

But as to warranty and stuff.... you might look for the same new online first if this is not a store selling on Ebay..

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If this package is from Cameta Camera, then the lenses are new. They have been offering this package for some time, and it maybea promotional dealfrom Tamron.

I have the previous (non Di) version of the 70-300, bought new and separately. -you may be interested in these comparisons:


Be sure to click on the bold-facedlink at the top of the first post for more (and maybe better) images from the Tamronlens. Others who have posted images made with this lens may want to add links to their posts in this thread, too.
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