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One final thing, Harriet... I don't believe you have said if all of the images in question were taken with the K-5. Have you tried the 12-24 on your other Pentax body? If not, add this step to your decentering tests. I'm really interested in finding out the results.
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I've done comparisons between the K5 and K7. In the pictures I posted, the first couple of ones were with the K7, and the last set I took (not posted) were with both cameras (and I used the DA 10-17 for some lens comparisons, too). I was shooting distant objects at different distances and the side-to-side comparisons were too inconclusive. Since I'm now thinking decentered rather than infinity focus, I need to do Scott's test.
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Sorry to hear about your 12-24. My 16-45 has developed bad focusing gears, that I need to get replaced - so its a manual focus lens till then. The shots look good to me, but right now just about anything would look good since I have not been shooting in the last couple months - just working 12-15 hours a day - and weekends, trying to get a project delivered and out the door. I took today off and am going shooting up north later this afternoon - the last 2 days have had great sunsets with the clouds - but today is crystal clear - warm and sunny.

I have been putting a lot of faith in the older screwdrive system as opposed to the SDM focusing system - so I find that even the more mechanical based lenses have some problems from time to time.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles as well.

Its too bad that Pentax does not offer a competitive warranty on their lenses such as:
Sigma- 4 years
Tamron-6 years
Nikon - 5 years

It is frustrating when equipment malfunctions during what should be its normal life.

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