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Default Gems and rubble: Buying K mount lenses?

Stumbled across this site and found it to be very helpful. Theres not a lot of in depth information on these lenses like you can easily find on this site, HOWEVER it is a very nicely compiled list of the Pentax K mounts in existence and contains several experiences /short reviews highlighting the best and worst parts of the lenses.

I'd recommend this site if you are new to the K mount lenses like me. This can be a good first resource to check and see if that 60.00 SMC on ebay is really a steal or labeled on the DO NOT BUY list.


Not trying to link people away from steves digicams but just thought it might be a good quick stop to filter out those crappy lenses you might regret buying someday :-)

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Another resource for all sorts of Pentax information, including a very complete list of lenses with their specifications, years of production is http://kmp.bdimitrov.de/ . There's no reviews/personal experiences like you'll find at Stan's site, but its far more in-depth (like giving the weights and sizes of all sorts of old lenses). The two sites are complimentary, I often use them together.
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Thanks for the great website. It looks like exactly what I need. Also, like pooling my wish list all on one page infront of me ;-)
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Some other good sources of info, some of it pretty outdated, but a good lens is a good lens. . .

SPLOS db -- this was a table compiled by J Colwell "SMC Pentax Lenses & Other Stuff" This link is to a PDF file. It's a little hard to find the definitions of the codes, but it's in there. The ratings are very good IMO, but the prices are very outdated. J Colwell switched to Canon quite a few years ago, but continued to update the db for a while. There's a lot of good info here, so download the PDF and save it to your hard drive:

Photodo and the old site. Photodo originally started testing lenses for MTF (Mean Transfer Function) quite a while ago. The site languished for a few years, and then was taken over by another party and they do current lens tests of both OEM and third party lenses. Realize that lens tests for other mfg bodies don't necessarily translate directly to Pentax, but you can get a good idea about the general optical quality of a 3rd party lens from a review of the same model but different mount.

The results from the old site are still available. MTF is generally a measure of the sharpness and resolution of the lens -- a simplified explanation. . . but I've found that the numbers pretty much correlate with my assessments of the lenses that I've tried that are rated here. Figure as a rough guide, 2.7-3 is good for a zoom, but not necessarily a prime, 3-3.5 is very good, 3.5-4 is excellent, and 4 and up is just world class. (My estimates -- YMMV)

Photozone is a current site that tests lenses mainly. The owner (Klaus) seems to rely a lot on users' lenses lent for testing quite a bit, and you must realize that he doesn't always use the latest bodies to test, and the tests might be skewed by bad examples, but the information is generally good.

Their user database is an especially good source for information for discontinued lenses, and has been compiled from user reviews. You can submit your own data if you'd like to contribute.

Another good source for third party lenses is Fred Miranda's site. The user's lens reviews aren't directly applicable because they're for Nikons and Canons, but again, you can get some idea about the general quality of the lens model to add to the Pentax specific info that you might be able to gather.

That should give you enough stuff to ponder for a while and eventually feed your LBA. . .

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Great links Scott, some of those are new to me ...

Here's one I always find very informative ... Jack

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And for Asahi Screw Mount M42 lens go here....http://www.aohc.it/
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excellent links guys thanks much!
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