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Default Indoor Fashion Photography Lens for Pentax k-x

Hi all

Just wanting some advice on which lens I should trial/buy for my pentax k-x. I'm very much an amateur and slowly learning my way so really don't know which one to get.
I'm needing a lens for indoor fashion photography (against a plain backdrop) and I don't think my kit lens is really doing a good enough job (or maybe its just me not knowing what I'm doing)!

I've been playing around with the ISO and white balance but my photos are either turning out way too dark or way to bright.
I have a light kit all set up and if I adjust the settings to make it brighter, the photos end up being either way to yellow/pink for lighter coloured garments and way to grainy for darker coloured garments.
So I guess my question is, do I need to invest in a new lens? Or, should I just keep playing around with my kit lens and if so, any suggestions?


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What mode do you have the camera set at? What white balance are you using? When you talk about the photos being too light or dark it sounds like an exposure issue and not a lens issue. The color issue also could be a white balance issue, too, though that might be a lens issue. If you had said the kit lens wasn't sharp enough or that you got too much depth of field or something like that, then I would say you might want a new lens. What focal length you use mostly will dictate which lens you might otherwise need.

As a disclaimer, I know very little about artificial lighting and absolutely nothing about fashion photography.
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I have to think that the lens is not the issue. Are you shooting under mixed lighting, in other words while you have a lighting setup is enough ambient light of a different temperature getting in to throw off the white balance? The rest just sounds like you need to work on exposure. No need to adjust the ISO for fashion shoots, just leave it at 200 to minimize any noise. For starters I'd set the camera in aperture mode (A) and shoot wide open. For the white balance issue you can try a custom setting using a piece of white paper and your lights. Since I don't think the lens is the issue yet (it will be once you get good at things, you will want a sharper, faster lens) why don't you post some samples and ask for help in the Pentax forum. Lots of friendly people there who will be glad to help.

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Default White Balance

IMHO the most important factor is manual white balance. My partner set up the umbrella's. Used a flash meter for the settings. Camera was Ist DS on manual setting-ISO 200 F9 1/125 Manual white balance. Lens the Ltd DA 70 2.4
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