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Default Inherited some old lenses..any to save?

My grandfather just moved and found a box of lenses / cameras and he gave it to me. To my fortune it was m42 lenses atleast most of them and some konica lenses.

is any of them any good? i haven't got my m42 adapter yet so can't try them out, but some of the are very bright and I love low light photography so I guess they will be nice to try out. The big lenses I think aren't worth it, got a 55-300 and these are very dirty so would need disassebling i assume.
the cameras i guess is just to sell if someone want them?

How about the konica lenses, are there any adapters around? i have read that the mount is similar but the "flange?" is different so it wont work even with adapter. Is that correct?
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Well, here is some information on the lenses I could find. The first 3 are keepers. The SMC Tak is well regarded. The other two do not have a lot of information, however there have been some good comments on them. I would make the same post over at the Pentax Forums - as they have a number of folks who use these and can provide more information on them.

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No Comments on the lenses, but you will need to shoot in manual modes.

This link will be helpful ... Jack

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I've heard amazing things about the Meyer Optik one. From my limited knowledge, this is in the same time-period/quality as mid-late (60's-80s) century Zeiss. I think you'd have to do a bit more research on it but from what I've read I would definitely love to check it out.

The Takumar 1.4 is an amazing lens. I would rate it higher than the pentax 1.4 on sharpness. I owned the Takumar 1.4 / pentax 1.4 / Zeiss 1.8 / pentacon 1.4 / a few other off brand 1.4's or equivalent low light fast primes. The one I kept was the Zeiss Pentacolar 1.8 as the bokeh was just stunning. I kept my Takumar 1.4 for a long time just because it was such a great lens. I sold it but I must say, in my opinion, it inched out the pentax 1.4 version and trumped everythign else by a good bit.

I would definitely keep the tak 1.4 if you don't already have a nice 50, and even if you do, its well worth the price of adapter to do some side-by-side comparisons just to see if you like to work with it more.

I used to do quite a bit of lens trading/buying/selling just to get a solid understanding of what I liked and didn't like in a lens.

With that beign said, I haven't ever used a Tokina I didn't like. THey were always very sharp and great value lenses.

I didn't keep any just because I downgraded my kit to about 8 lenses but if they cover any holes in your focal range, it would be well worth checking them out.

I'm jealous! Free lenses are hard to come by - especially when its a bunch of good finds like these.

p.s. I know nothing of the hexanon but if you get around to it, share us your review!

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