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Hello there,
I read a lot about that lense and to sum it up most people wrote something like "I still regret that I sold mine". So when I saw one on eBaythese wordscame into my mind and I decided I'd give it a go and placed a rather low bid (for a f/4 lense) and today I had it in my postbox!

For those that are interested some first quick shots and impressions. It's smaller than my Vivitar 70-210/2.8-4, about the same length, but 55 vs. 62mm diameter. It's really lightweight compared to my Viv lense, which is the next reason why I bought it. It's not so much the carrying around that bothers me, but if you shoot 2 hours with the Viv you really know what you did. The lense is in very good shape, looks and feels like new and came with both caps anda softleather bag.

I could only shoot inside since it was already late, so nothing fancy here. It's a fully manual lense, I took the photos in RAW and if not stated otherwise they were just converted with Pentax Photo Lab (PPL), indoor WB, sharpness -3 (smoothest setting, I don't like PPL's sharpening), full color noise removal, no other noise removal. I adjusted exposure in PPL if necessary. I'll post all images at 600*400 size, with giving the full view (1 exception) and detail crops, which are 1:1 crops. No other postprocessing (again 1 exception). Images were saved in JPEG fine from PPL.

All photos taken wide open, at different ISO settings. Most of the shots were taken hand-held, but I leaned on something if shutter speed was too low. There might be a tiny shake in some pictures, at least sometimes it feels that way. Here we go.

#1 - catalog (A4 size): 200mm, ISO800

#1 - detail

#2 - flower: 200mm, ISO200

#2 - detail

#3 - flower: 200mm, ISO3200(!). I took this because at that flower it always felt as if I was shaking ever so little.

#3 - detail. Postprocessed with noise reduction and sharpen/refocus, histogram. Judging from this picture I'd say I can do even better with a tripod and ISO200 in #2

#4 - eye: 200mm, ISO1600, detail

#5 - orchid branch: 80mm, ISO1600

#5 - detail

#6 - magazine (A4 size): 200mm, ISO200

#6 - detail

#9 - flower: 200mm, ISO800

#9 - detail 1 (red)

#9 - detail 2 (green)

#10 - bouquet: 80mm, ISO800

#10 - detail

#11 - white flower: 200mm, ISO800

#11 - detail1

#11 - detail 2

#13 - crisps: 200mm, ISO800

#13 - detail 1

#13 - detail 2


Ok - that's it. My first impression: performance wide open is nice, the bokeh is smoother than with the Vivitar. There is very little CA so far, but that will change in broad daylight I guess. Colors look good, warmer than on the Viv and more natural. Contrast is good, too - the Viv tends to produce a slight "haze" now and then.

It's too early for me to really draw a final conclusion, but I am really happy with the first impression. The lense is a pleasure to use/operate and the results look good to me.

Best regards and happy snapping,

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You would have to post nice pictures with this particular lens. I have one (still) that has oil on the aperture blades (a relatively common problem with old Kiron lenses - make sure yours doesn't have this fault). I keep thinking about getting it repaired, because when I can get it to stop down somewhat, it's quite sharp. The thing that holds me back is that I know I can probably get one off of ebay for less than what it would cost to get mine fixed. So it sits on the shelf because I can't quite bring myself to toss it out. Now you've gotten me thinking about it again.

As far as faults go,as Irecall, minesuffers a bit from flare under certain lighting conditions - more so than the modern digital lenses with their extra coatings. It doesn't have as much trouble with it as my old K-mount Takumar (non SMC) 135mm 2.5 lens does, though. I really like the push-pull zoom.
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Not too shabby!

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Thanks you two

Here are three other shots, I am still only toying around, but it's funny to get the hang on a "M" lense (used F and A ones only before).

#1 - ("Foot" of a ) tree and flowers

#2 - spring has sprung: now hurry to catch up!

#3 - Scilla (don't know how these are called in english /shrug, but they do look nice)


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