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Hi there,
I picked up a Kiron 80-200/4 some days ago and while the first test shots were indoor today I had enough light outside to use higher f-stops without shaking (too much) at 200mm. All photos handheld (so minimal differences in distance to target are to be expected), converted from RAW with PPL, all sliders in the middle position, no noise reduction at all. Crops are 1:1.

Maybe this is of some help to other people looking for lenses in that range, especially since Kiron produced some lenses for other companies, like Vivitar.

Series 1 - sharpness - 4 shots

#1 - full view

#2 - detail f=4

#3 - detail f=5.6

#4 - detail f=8

#5 - detail f=11

Sorry for the different lighting, I used the batch development in PPL and didn't adjusted exposure.

Series 2 - sharpness again, 3 shots

#6 - full view

#7 - detail f=4

#8 - detail f=5.6

#9 - detail f=8

Sharpness Summary:
To me that looks pretty sharp even wide open, but you are invited to pixel-peep and draw your own conclusion.

Series 3 - CA

Now this is where old lenses usually have a rather big problem and this holds true for that lense. Here are 3 detail shots of the same fence picture, right below of the crops of Series 2. The background was plain white, the sun very strong - almost the most "unfair" setting one could get, but it shows where you would encounter problems using that lense. It can't go worse that what you see here.

#10 - detail f=4

11 - detail f=5.6

#12 - detail f=8

CA Summary:
You really want to stop down to f=8 or more if you have such lighting situations and even then CA is clearly visible.

Overall Summary:
If you look for a cheap, sharp lense - the Kiron might give you what you are after. If you can't live with the bad CA behaviour, stay away from it. If you don't crop too much, photos look good straight from the camera, maybe a tad oversaturated, but since I often use the "linear" setting this might be just me.

Best regards,

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