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So much trouble, I don't even want MY wife to see this post!!

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After reading over Harriets comment last night, I got to thinking, and this morning I cancelled all orders. I am now leaning towords either the DA 12-24 or the DA 14, and of course I will be adding the BIGMA. This should keep me out of the doghouse for a couple days. Until LBA hits again.

Oh BTW dont tell my wife, but I have ordered another K10 body to use as strictly wide angle. that way I wont have to change lenses so often.
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Hi Terry,

That's certainly a hard core case of LBA! The only time I was hit anywhere near as hard was in early 2k6 when in a 2 month stretch, I was offered deals that I couldn't refuse for a Tokina 80-400 AT-X AF2, an A*200/2.8, an A*300/4, an FA*300/4.5, a Tokina 80-200/2.8 AT-X Pro AF2, an A* 85/1.4, and an F 1.7x AFA. I bought all except the A*85 (and kinda regret not getting it).

Luckily, I have a very small mortgage payment, and the cars are paid for, otherwise it would have been bread and water for the rest of the year.:shock:

On the subject of 300/2.8 and TCs vs the Bigma, I'm partial to the fast 300/TC alternative. With the great lenses, IQ degradation is minimal, if not even noticeable, with quality 1.4x and 1.7x TCs. I'll go along with not liking the results with 2x TCs, and though I have a couple of good ones, I don't use them much.

You, of course, lose the versatility of the zoom, but end up with the ability to expand at the long end with greater speed and potentially a smaller, lighter, cheaper package. I'll take my Tamron SP300/2.8 with the F 1.7x AFA (510mm f4.8) over the Bigma (500mm f6.3) just about anytime. This is not to say that the Bigma isn't a great lens -- I just don't need one.

I frequently also stack the 1.7x on top of the 300/2.8 and the Tamron 140F 1.4x TC to give me an auto focusing 714mm f6.7 which beats the tar out of the Bigma for reach at about the same max aperture, gives me much better than good sharpness, and is considerably shorter and more balanced than the extended Bigma (and it focuses closer too boot!)

This post illustrates the SP300/2.8 LD (IF) with the stacked TCs at its best (and it was shot with the DS):


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Here I was, going to post that getting the lenses would be a better idea than getting a second camera body. Then I thought about my own set-up - 2 bodies (K10 and K100) and a ton of heavy lenses. I better not say anything about a second body as I really like using them both. The only thing I might have suggested is that you wait until the K20 comes out and buy that for your second body. That way you'd have the extra ISO and possibly less noise, giving you even more flexibility. I love having the K100 since it is better in low light than the K10 - I take it when I'm inside or in low light, or use it for the wide-angle and the K10 for telephoto. Just a thought.
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Good Idea, I just might wait on the second body, You had it right though a second one is so much handier than having to change lenses all the time.
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