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The best price I'm seeing for a K-5 body only - as of this date - is $1468 U.S. Personally, I'm waiting until the price drops to $1000 or less. I understand that may be a while - maybe next Christmas or even later. That's why I suggested either a K-r or a leftover K-7 for you. The K-r body only is just over $650 right now. But you give up weather resistance (not important to everyone). The K-7 body only is about $868 right now. But you give up the high ISO performance of the current-generation Pentax DSLRs. If you can afford to keep your K-x, the K-7 might be a great option. All of these prices are what I see at B&H Photo and Adorama... which are usually as low as any legitimate price.

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Yeah...I am with you on the sub 1k mark. I think I will just roll with my kx until then, or at least until my next shiny object pops up.
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You currently have the Kx, a Kr is just a Kx with some additional features. You hit the mother load of all glass. Lenses will last a lot longer than bodies. New top of the line bodies come out about every 16 months. I have found that even though the newest bodies are really nice, if you wait and stay a body generation or two behind, you save a lot of cash.

When the K7 was announced I upgraded to the K20. I have skipped over the K7 and like Brio, maybe this time next year if the price is right - and my skills and needs warrant a change.

Folks just a few months ago, were picking up the Kx over the K7 because of the increased ISO. I would stay with the Kx myself. Bodies depreciate pretty fast and are somewhat disposable because of the electronics - that is another reason why I have avoided the SDM lenses. They become cheaper to replace than to repair. That is why staying a generation or so behind and let the market strip off the price premium, appeals to me so much.

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Good advice...

I will wait it out because I am all about value. The cheaper the better IMO, taking into consideration you still get what you pay for.
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Excellent plan. But, other than the kit lenses, try to hang onto as much of that Pentax glass as you can. Really... you'll regret it later if you don't.
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I'd keep all the Penney lens. Gives you something to do on a slow day. Really. The prices on those will only go up in the future. You have them now so you will not have to buy them in the future after the prices go up. Lucky to get the LBA so thoroughly satisfied in one outing.
Big Dawg

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i just got into the slr world and bought a pentax k-x kit. what i need to ask is where do you get a 18-250 ? i have never seen one around here at all. i didn't even think i could get a lense like that for my k-x.... maybe i just don't know enough about them yet..... i just found my 18-55 wasn't long enough but the 55-300 i used but i found i misses shot b/c of the changing lenses bit so i wanted soemthing that i could just keep on and get best of both worlds.. didn't think it was possible. Here at home all i see at our local henry's was a DA 18-135... is that a good lense, as it comes with a very hefty price tag?
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Here are two lists:


Pentax Kx
Pentax K10D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera
Sigma EF-530 DG Super Electronic Flash
Pentax SMC DA* Series 16-50mm f/2.8 ED AL IF SDM
Pentax DA 12-24mm
Pentax SMCP-FA 50mm
Pentax 70mm
Pentax SMC DA* Series 50-135mm
55-300mm DA ED
Sigma APO Teleconverter 1.4x EX DG

Don't Keep
Pentax 16-45mm (You have this exact range more or less)
PENTAX DA 18-55mm (You have this range)
Pentax 18-250mm (All in one... you've far outclassed this)
Pentax 100mm Macro (Could keep it as another prime in shortish Tele decide based on whether you do macro because otherwise you have this FL already a couple of times)
18-55mm DA AL (Dupe)
Raynox 250

That leaves you a two body kit. For broad daylight or wet conditions the K10D is quite capable. For high ISO the K-x gets it done. You need a flash. 16-50 takes care of its range in style. 12-24 the ultra wide end... still a bit too much overlap, but a very nice lens at ultra wide. If you do not do ultra wide, try it before you get rid of it, but otherwise make it second choice to go for the keep list. FA 50, I can do without, but it is an excellent art lens and when I have used it, the outcome was really, really worth keeping it. Make no mistake... you are keeping this for relatively close photos where you want subject isolation, ie: wide apertures. Or low light, but the K-x makes up for that end with the other 50's. If you are not going to use these capabilities very much, for me this would be the first out the door since you otherwise will have this FL nearly three times already. It is a sweet spot lens and I tolerate the small amount of space and dollars it takes for that special shot once in a while. 70mm... nice. I love primes. Can't let that one go. 50-135... workhorse and the opposite number to the 16-50. No choice. 55-300 is outclassed by the others but gets you out quite a bit further if you need it. Backup also to 50-135mm given SDM issues. 1.4 TC adds a bit of flexibility to much of this kit.

Nice find! Kind regards.
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