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Because I have three nice M42 threaded lenses I want to use on my K10D. I had been searcing for a reasonably-priced lens adapter which would let me use my lenses. I even went so far as to buy and reform one of the adapters which have the wide flange which normally keeps the lens from seating deeply enough to allow infinity focusing. The adapter resulting from my reshaping was workable, but only to a degree, as the connection between the lens, the adapter, and the camera was never snug enough to allow refocusing or resetting of the aperture while mounted without slippage.

Recently I bought an adapter on Ebay for $9.65, shipping included, that seems to work quite nicely. If interested, the seller is "BUYITNOW. One such adapter is Ebay's item No. 310139565097, listed for $5.99.

I am writing this only as an assist to like-minded Pentaxians who need such an adapter. I have no financial stake in the seller. I know that advertisements for sales are not to appear on this forum, but I do not consider this to be such, but only an aid to the readers.

A couple of comments about the device. It come with a wrench, and it is needed both to tightly seat the adapter and to remove the adapter. I found that placing the adapter into the camera first, then screwing in the lens works best. I found that when removing the adapter you must be very careful, for the prongs on the wrench will catch on the underlying three-part bayonette projections built into the camera. You must engage only the adapter surfaces. I found that it helps to depress the lens-locking button when screwing the lens on or off, for the locking prong tends to keep the lens from fully seating during installation, and will tend to catch on, and scratch, the base of the lens when screwing the lens off.

When using the adapter I received, and my K10D camera, the adapter visibly seated deeper than the meeting surface of the camera, so there is no question of the adapter interfering with infinity focus.

I was pleased to find this adapter at such a low price, and further pleased to find it works well in practise on at least my camera. I hope this writing will help someone.

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I got mine from Ebay too, the shape of the adapter is visually not different from yours. It works for infinity focus too.

I just used it as K-mount by detached the very small locked steel plate.I tried it w Pentacon 135, f2.5 (auto,M42), the indicator of distance/ focus strip (point) doesn't stop on top.The lens perform better against Pentax-M 135.f3.5. It a bit slanting 15 degrees from the top.

Does it normal for other M42 lens?

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