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I know what Macro lens means, but what I am really saying is what makes a lens a "macro" lens? I thought a macro lens has the maginfication of 1:1 but almost every sigma lens is considered a macro lens. Sigma's 28-200mm lens is labeled as a macro lens but the magnification of the lens is 1:3.8.

So at what point of the magnification is it that it is no a macro lens?
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Macro, to me, meansClose up photography.

Dictionary Definition: very large in scale, scope, or capability. Of or relating to a macro lens or to close-up photography

I have never worked on the magnification value, just on the minimum focal distance. :-)

You can take a Macro image with extension tubes that allow the lens to be very very close ot the subject, that to me is macro.

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guess i'm traditional. a true macro lens produces a 1:1 or higher magnification. i might accept 1:2 but that's the limit. anything else is close focus..
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The word Macro sells lenses. No one makes the lens co.'s stick to the true meaning.

I one saw an article on the history of the word "Automatic" by camera manufacturers. It was hilarious.
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True Macro lenses are also flat focus from edge to edge.

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