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Very nice! It looks like a very versatile lens.

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Hi all,

Does anyone know why the IQ of Takumar-F 70-200 is very good ( score of "9" according to Pentax lens review) and Takumar-F 70-210 is not? (score of "6" according to Pentax lens review). Have anyone make comparison of the two lenses?

I just bought Takumar-F 70-210 and wonder should I went with the 70-200 instead.

Any info will be much appreciated.


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I assume you are talking about the reviews on Pentax Forums.

Since those reviews are posted by actual users and not some testing lab under controlled conditions, the ratings will vary based on many factors, many of those subjective. Things such as how many people review a particular lens, was that individual lens a particularly good or bad copy, was it used with a film SLR or a digital DSLR, how old was it when it was reviewed or even if those people have other lenses to compare it to will effect the ratings (some of this actually applies to lab tested lenses too as they will often only test 1 copy of a particular lens).

In the case of these two lenses it appears that with the 70-210 only 1 reviewer actually rated the Sharpness of the lens and gave it a '6' while two reviewers above it listed 'Sharp' as one of the pros for the lens without actually posting an individual rating for sharpness. While on the 70-200 two reviewers rated sharpness as '9'. I didn't read through all of the reviews, but many times you can get a 'feel' for how the lens might perform by paying close attention to what the reviewers write rather than the actual score they give. Both lenses appear very close in overall rating, 7.60 to 7.80, with nearly the same number of user reviews, and again these numbers are mostly subjective, one could assume that they perform about equally.

I have several lenses in this focal range, but don't have either of these two particular lenses. My suggestion would be that since you already have the lens, and if you are happy with the results that you get with it, don't worry about the other one. Both of these are older lenses and even if one was rated much higher there are many other factors that can make a difference on an individual copy of either.
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