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I love my A50mm1.7. I think it has that rare '3D' quality that only a few lenses possess.

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Originally Posted by SteveB View Post

I love my A50mm1.7. I think it has that rare '3D' quality that only a few lenses possess.
Now that's purty!!!
Big Dawg
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I have an M 50mm f 1.4 being shipped to me now. Should get it tomorrow.
Now to find a clean K1000 or a 1971 model...

What kind of lighting situations would the M 50mm f 1.4 be best suited for over the standard 18-55mm zoom lens I have now?

Correction: It came today!

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I have both the M 1.4 and 1.7 lenses - I'll be interested in your reaction to your 1.4. My two lenses are the same after f2. However, I find that the 1.4 is much softer than I like at f1.4 - in fact, I don't think it looks like it has a true, sharp focus at f1.4. Now the f1.7 is much sharper wide open at f1.7. So if I want to take a picture in really low light (low enough where it's hard to see the numbers on the aperture ring), I can safely just crank it until it stops with the 1.7. With my 1.4 lens, I have to do that and then count two "clicks" the other way to make sure it's stopped down a bit and sharp. I prefer the 1.7 and have always been going to sell the 1.4. However, I find that it works very well reversed for macro, even wide open. So now I'm delighted that I never got around to selling it.

As far as how to best use it - one way is to use it for its tiny DOF in any light (take a picture of a bookcase, at an angle, and see just how small it really is!). Then use it in low light and see how much faster a shutter speed you have. It's very useful for that, too.
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