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First post and am ready to dive right in!!! Surfing ebay this evening and was lookingthrough the lense section.. saw a interesting lense.. a Phoenix 500mm f/8 Telephoto Lens ... Well it's only $99... will it fit my Pentax K110D?? And I don't know why half my post is bold and the other isn't... heh..
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Hi James,

I'm assuming it's a mirror lens. . .

I don't know for sure, not having any experience with this particular lens, but from most reports, most, if not all of the recent and currently manufactured catadioptric (mirror) lenses have pretty much been junk. The best of the cats, from what I've heard, were those made by the OEM camera makers, the Vivtar Series 1 solid cats, and the Tamron SPs, followed by the Tokinas and the Sigmas.

The problem is that mirror lenses, even the best of them, aren't really popular. I have a Tamron SP500 f8 mirror. It's a good lens, but there are negatives shared by all mirror lenses -- It's a fixed aperture lens, not especially fast, it's manual focus and difficult to focus because of razor thin DOF and the small max aperture makes for a dim image in the viewfinder, it's too light to handhold easily for its focal length, and it renders bokeh where just about anything that's a point light source that's out of focus looks like donuts. Another thing to consider is that off-brand mirror lenses are worth virtually nothing on the used market.

The pluses are that it's very small and light for a 500mm, allowing me to carry a long tele when traveling light, it's pretty sharp, it has absolutely zero CA because the design doesn't rely on refraction (so it can be great for birds with the sky as a background), it only cost $105 used, including the Adaptall mount (I got kind of lucky), so I should be able to recoup my investment if I wanted to sell it . . . and it is fun to use, but it's not for everyone.

IMO, if considering all the +s and -s, you still want a mirror telephoto, I'd suggest bidding on a Tamron SP500 f8 mirror Adaptall 2 on ebay (there always seems to be at least one available) and picking up a PK (not PKA) adapter which are still reasonably available and not that expesive (yet) (you don't need a PKA since it's a fixed aperture).

BTW, if the Phoenix is in Pentax K mount (or M42 screw mount with an adapter), it'll fit and work on your K110, and I have no idea why the font changed in your post.

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They also make straight at least min f/8 500mm often bundled with a 2x TC for 500/1000mm. Never heard much good of them from ANYWHERE though.

HOWEVER decided to take a chance on a used 100-400M AF PK lens of theirs and VERY impressed especially for its cost (even only like $240 new)

They are like Vivitar and many others tha sell rebadged stuff.... some is crap, some is quite good.

Again never hear anything good of the 500mm's youu see ALL OVER EBAY new.....

But you come across one of those used Phoenix 100-400mm AF's at a decent price I'd jump on that
Again keeping in mind $240 is the new price IF you can find one new still... looked a while ago out of curiousity severla listing but most all "out of stock" which could mean now discontinued. I still see them as Cosair's too and appear from product shots to be the same lens, (and again another rebadging seller).
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These come up fairly often used for about $50. That is what I paid for mine (the straight, not mirror lens). For the price, it is surprisingly good, but again, that is for the price. If you have a real interest in long focal length photography you will not be happy with this lens, I was not. If you are curious about whether or not you would have any use for an extremely long telephoto and want to test the waters cheaply, this is not a bad way to do it. I played with mine for a little while but upgraded to a 300mm f/2.8 with teleconvertors. You will see the same lens for sale under the names Five Star and Samyang.


PS: If you decide you do want one, I would part with mine for what I have in it. Just PM me. My internet access is limited until I get home Fri night, though.
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In bright dayight at base f/8 might be OK but I shoot a lot about and post sunset..... when still bright above the horizon f/8 maybe OK... but at post sunset that would be GARBAGE.

Again one's needs.... f/8 the MIN best.... high daylight OK not much else, never consider it a low light lens..

I go into twilight.... you shoot all daylight might suit you well/OK.

You really want that range look at the Phoenix 100-400mm AF..... much cooler lens and there is one on Ebay righht now....http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...;rd=1&rd=1
. it is my long even sunset lens f/4.5 to 6.7 at 400. You get iot around where it is good deal..... but keep in mind you can still find on new that is about $225

Basic mobile kit right now Tamron 28-200mm, Phoenix 100-400 , kit 18-55mm, and 28 plus 50mm fast MF/A primes. (2.8 and 1.4)
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NonEntity1 wrote:
These come up fairly often used for about
Really never noticed them there are really that many buyers out there that realize their BS and for resale??? Who would be fool enough to buy them?

And again Phoenix is like Vivitar.... they sell rebadged stuff from several makers....those are crap other stuff not bad.

Again for the cost I can speak for the Phoenix 100-400mm very nice sharp good contrast even at 400mm lens for the cost (Also sold as Cosair) but those fixed F or /8 min cheapo teles are JUST THAT.

And the $20 more with 2x TC... guess what its worth too?

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