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Ritz camera sells lenses under the Quantaray name. I have read several threads here stating that Quantaray are rebadged Sigma lenses. However the specs. on the Ritz site for their 70-300mm Di lens is identical to those of the Tamron Di (13 elements, 9 groups, min F32, 62mm filter, 4.6 inches x 3.0 inches, 15.3 oz.) while the specs on the Sigma are 14 elements, 10 groups, min F22, 58mm filter, 4.8 inches x 3.0 inches, 19.4 oz. Assuming that the Quantaray lens is the same as the Tamron, is there any reason not to go with the Quantaray instead of the Tamron? You can get the Quantaray cheaper. I have read that the Quantaray lens has a plastic mount - what about the Tamron? Also the Ritz site clearly omits including a lens hood in the "what's in the package" link.
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Does the Quantaray have a6 yr warrantylike the Tamron?
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Quantaray lenses are like any other store brand. Ritz says "I want to sell 'such & such' under my name!" then all the companies in their littlecircle of suppliers (Sigma, Tamron, SunPak, LowePro, Tamrac, etc) will each put in a bid at what they can offer that particular product at. Ritz then takes the best deal and the lens is rebadged and sold under the Quantaray name. Therefore, some Quantaray's could be Sigma's, some could be Tamron's or Tokina's or anything else. Same for their bags, flashes, accessories, tripods, etc.

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