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I have bought three of these lenses. They are made in Korea. Although the Sears brand name is on them, obviously Sears was not the maker. Can anyone say with assurance what company made these?

You may raise your eyebrows when I say I bought three. Her is how that came about. All were acquired on Ebay at low prices. The first one was perfect except for a small gouge in the objective lens. I bought the scecond one thinking it would at least have a good objective lens which I could use to replace the bad one on the first I bought. No such luck. The sceond one had a scratch on the front lens, and, additionally, had an oily (read SLOW) diaphragm. The third one sounded good in the Ebay ad, but turned out to be perfect except for a balky bearing race at the camera end, and the diaphragm was thereby useless.

My answer...I lucked out. I took the bad part off the third lenses (involved only four anchor screws) and got a good part off of lens two to use as a replacement.

Result: one really nice lens and a second one that is blemished, but takes excellent pictures.

These lenses are really well built. They all had the typical Ricoh "hang-up" pin, which I removed, of course.

Does anyone have any experience with these lenses?

Agoin, who made them?

I have missed you all, as I have been busy lately working up another patent application. Not done yet, but I am looser now, and back to my avocation, cameras.

Old Engineer
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I have a Sears 135mm lens made in Korea...Not possitive but I believe it was made by Samyang in Korea! I've had great luck with the 135mm lens but not done as well with the Zooms from Sears and JC Penny!

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Thanks for the reply Dawg. I too have a Sears 135 F/2.8 lens. Mine has a three-step macro feature. I have compared it to other lenses of the same capacities, and I like the Sears best. I have been buying old lenses, planning on keeping the ones I like and need. I am keeping both the 60-300 and the 135mm models.

I bought an interesting lens that arrived yesterday. It is a 55mm f/1.4 sold by Ricoh. My early tests are very positive. I will probably keep it although I have an SMC Pentax 50mm F/1.4 I bought in about 1976, and it is my best lens.

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Hope the patent application goes well!

And it's good to see you "back in business" with the old lenses. I got a Vivitar 28-135/3.5-4.5 some days ago but there were just too many things that didn't work so I sent it back... YOU would have repaired it on your own... I am sure. Oh well... :roll:

I can't comment on the Sears... only saw in on eBay and some sellers said something about "unique macro feature" but didn't explain much further...

Good luck with the old lenses!
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Just in case you are interested, and for the information of others who might read this, I will elaborate a bit on this Sears 135mm f/2.8 lens. Located right above the aperture ring, on the lens body side, is the wording "Sears Mod. No. 202- 7368100 Korea". At the objective lens, below the filter threading, is the wording "Auto Multi Coated 1:2.8 f=135mm 52 No. 860507723. The word "Macro" appears twice on the barrel. The letters "KR" appear on the barrel.

This lens had the protruding pin in its camera end that is faulted for hanging up when mounted on a K-mount Pentax. I remove that when I find it. I believe the pin, and maybe the "KR", indicate the lens was intended for use on Sears and Ricoh cameras.

The main focus ring occupies much of the length of this camera. It twist to attain focus, while the objective lens does not turn during focus. This is nice to havewhen using a polaroid filter, for it means you don't have to keep adjusting the filter.

Unless the Macro feature is used the minimum focus distance is about five feet.

The macro feature is operated like this. Turn the main focus ring until the minimum focus distance is attained. Then turn the objective lens end clockwise (as when pointing the camera). It will turn in three steps, each attaining a decreasing focus distance until the minimum of about two feet is reached.

I did not know how the Macro feature worked when I got this lens, and it had been set in its Macro state, so I could not axhieve anything near an infinity focus. I was so disappointed, as it was such a clean lens, but was elated to find it had the additional feature.

I have two of these, and will keep the best one. The second one is exactly like the firts except for its serial number being 860807070.

I also have an identical lens which has the barrel number Mod. No. 202-737370, with a serial number of 942091. This lens has no Macro capability, but seems to match the other two in all other respects. (last Para editted)

Old Engineer

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I have one that is in absolute virgin condition, never been used . Bought in the early 1980's. My wife just dug out my old Olympus camera to see if any of the old lenses would work on her new Canon Power Shot S5IS . Mine has amodel# of 7370600

Don't know what it is worth but would sell it reasonable as I have no use for it.
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