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Excluse me please.

I have a Vivitar Lens with Tx Mount.

I'd like to use it with K100D but It's very difficult to find Tx to K adapter.

May I use 2 layers adapter ?

Tx to M42 is easier than Tx to K in ebay. ( I'm in INDIA )

After Tx to M42 , I'll get M42 to K .

Is there any problem when I use 2 adapters ?

Thank you very much

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Two adapters will put your lens too far from the sensor and will not allow focus to infinity.

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Your answer puzzles me Tom as the M42 to K adapters I have do not introduce any distance in the light path.

I would have thought that any lens that is configured to work with M42 will work just as well in a K mount with the M42 to K adapters.

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Old Jan 21, 2008, 9:49 AM   #4
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Hi Ohmo.

I have a couple of TX mount lenses. If I read you initial post correctly what you said is right.

Get a TX M42 adaptor and an M42 to K mount adaptor but make sure you get the one that allows for focus at infinity (no flange). That setup will work fine, at least it does for me.

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Old Jan 21, 2008, 5:50 PM   #5
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I also havbe a TXmount in M42 screw thread. This works well with a m42-K mount adapter and will give you infinity focus. I also would like a TX-K-mount but they are scarce and hard to find. If you ever find one keep it as they don't make them any more! Anyway get the M42 to K-mount adapter and be happy! Have fun!!

A little info on the TX mount lenses...

Interchangeable T-4 and TX Mount Lenses
To my mind, the T-4 and TX series are more interesting third party lenses, precisely because you can use them on a variety of camera bodies simply by using the appropriate adapter. Consumer quality lenses in the 28mm to 300mm range were no great optical design challenge by the 1980s. So you can expect these lenses to perform reasonably well, although less brilliantly than their Series I cousins, especially when used wide open.

Still, these interchangeable T-4 and TX mount lenses are even less liked by today's consumers, so you can often buy them for as little as $25 US or even less! For $10-15 for a used adapter, you can convert all of these lenses to work on a different camera body (generally non-autofocus models obviously).

In a related case study of Vivitar TX lenses, we discovered that these lenses are full of surprises. For example, their highest ratings for sharpness are wide open rather than the expected middle f/stop settings. Their corner sharpness is generally rated as excellent or very good, while center sharpness varied more widely. The hardest to design 24mm lens was the best rated performer. Surprise! This case study highlights the need to actually test your lenses to learn about these surprising variations.

Go here for more on Vivitar lenses...


And go here for infoon the Vivitar series 1 lenses.



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Thank you Very much
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