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jachol Jul 6, 2007 7:26 AM

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Hi, has anyone any experience of this lens, I know it's weighs 950 grams or around a couple of pounds, I asked the seller if it's an MC lens, he says it isn't marked as such, but does have the characteristic colouring of an MC lens. Comments please anyone ?.

jachol Jul 6, 2007 7:27 AM

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Another shot. ... Jack

snostorm Jul 6, 2007 3:02 PM

Hi Jack,

I looked around a bit, and only could find one reference to an M42 Vivitar 100-300 f5, made around '69 and selling for $284 USD back then, which translates to over $1000 in 1998 dollars (and obviously more almost 10 yrs later).

By the size of the rear lens cap, this looks to be a K mount (but I'm just guessing), so it could be a completely different animal. I don't see an "A" setting on the aperture ring, so I'm thinking that it's going to be fully manual, if it is indeed a K mount.

I couldn't find anything as far as the quality of the optics, but back then, Vivitar was a major player, as opposed to now where they are barely considered.


jachol Jul 7, 2007 3:40 AM

Hi Scott, Thanks for your efforts ... I should have said it was K mount, and I know it was originally new in 1978, and judging by the weight I'd guess it's metal and glass construction, so could be a good one. At the moment I'm starting to lose interest ... there are signs that the bidding is beginning to turn silly, as very often happens.:? Thanks again ... Jack.

jachol Jul 9, 2007 3:34 AM

Well !, I didn't bother with this in the end ... two newby ebayers got in on the act, and spent several hours before the auction finish trying to outdo one another, I missed the final outcome ... last I saw, the price was going up rapidly. ... Jack.

nfaria Jul 5, 2009 5:11 AM

Just joined the discussion as I have a model excatly like this one. I don't know if it helps, but it's written P/K on the inside part of the lens that connets to the camera body.

bigdawg Jul 5, 2009 9:31 AM

That is a Tokina made Vivitar lens and is Multi Coated (usually marked MC). Quite sharp at f/8 but needs good ambient light to perform. The serial number Tells you the manufacturer (37 means Tokina) the third number tells you the year (7=1977 or 1987 as the K mount was not available in 1967) The 5th and 6th numbers give you the week of manufacture (33=1rst or 2nd week of September) and the last numbers are the serial numbers.
I use this site to research the serial numbers of Vivitar lens.....

I use this site to research the prices of today and yesterday for third party lenses....
You have to remember that these lists are not all inclusive.... For instance..this lens serial number says it was made in 1977 or 1987 but the list at the second site says only one 100-300 f/5 lens was made and that was in 1969. I know for a fact that 2 other types were made and at later dates. One was a TX removable mount lens made by Tokina in the mid to late 70's and this one you are looking at. 1969 would be Pre-P/K mount. There are other 100-300 Vivitars I'm sure but I do not know them. Also understand there are no complete experts on Vivitar lens but there are many knowledgeable collectors out there. Quite a few of them can be found here....
And here.....

At these two places ask for the "CasualCollector" or the KironKid"

Casual Collector has a web page with good info here as well.....

Hope this helps.

jachol Jul 5, 2009 10:06 AM

Thanks for all the info everyone, my original query re. this lens is 2 years old though. check out the dates. ... Jack

bigdawg Jul 5, 2009 8:09 PM


Originally Posted by jachol (Post 981933)
Thanks for all the info everyone, my original query re. this lens is 2 years old though. check out the dates. ... Jack

Info is still good though.

Stringmike Oct 30, 2009 6:31 PM

I have an original Tokina model of this lens - it looks exactly like the Vivitar as you might expect.

I bought it with my Pentax ME in 1979 and recall it was around $200 at the time. Fully manual with no "A" setting, it is a constant F5 throughout its zoom range. It's multi-coated and has all-metal construction.

A useful lens, but a little lacking in contrast.

I suspect I have the only one in the USA!


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