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Late 1970s and early 1980s Ricoh lenses had a number of quality levels but the XR Rikenon was the top line. These lenses are not the later troublesome lenses, but straight K-mount manual lenses that even focus in the same direction as Pentax brand lenses. I was wondering if anyone had any further information on these older lenses, such as comparisons to SMC Pentax-M lenses. Any sights for information wotld be great.

BTW I have two of these well built lenses, a 28mm f2.8 and a 135mm f2.8. The only obvious handling disadvantage they have is that the aperture ring has click stops only at full stops instead of in between like genuine Pentax brand lenses do.

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FWIW i've heard good things. But I have no personal experience with them.

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I have a sears 80-200mm f4.0 macro Pentax "k" mount which works really well on the Sears KSX-p Dual Program (a Dhinon CP5 clone)that it came with. I am trying to get it to behave on a Pentax Program Plus. I will attach and focus but the metering is very unreliable. Any ideas on the cure?


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wich one do you recommend between these 2 lenses:

Vivitar 28mm f2.8 MC Wide angle Lens, Pentax K fit
RICOH XR RIKENON , 28mm f2.8 MC lens PENTAX K mount

will any of these have any auto focus, metering... i have a samsung gx 20 wich have a k mount
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Be a little careful of the Ricoh mount lenses - they will work on the K-mount dSLR cameras, but may require modification. I don't know if the one you are looking at would have either of the two possible problems - one is a larger flange that needs to be trimmed down to the right size (some Vivitar lenses have it but by no means all, and I'm not sure which ones), the other is a pin that can drop down and not retract, making it extremely difficult to remove the lens. It's important to remove the pin before mounting the lens on the camera (I think that's connected with Ricoh KR mount lenses). Hopefully someone who has more experience than I do will chime in, as I've only read about such things.
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I had a manual Ricoh 100mm macro, which was a superb lens - unfortunately I lent it and never got it back. I think it may have been a rebranded Panagor, which was (and still is) a great lens (I still have the 50 and 100 macro Panagors, although I haven't used them since autofocus arrived). Panagor macros were highly rated (and were also sold under other brands). I also have an automatic Rikenon P 70-210 macro zoom, which is large and heavy, has a short flange, and looks and feels suspiciously like a Kiron. I have not mounted it on an AF Pentax, but I don't think the pin would be a problem. There are a lot of people using old 3rd party (Tokina, Kiron, Vivitar, Sigma, and others) bayonet lenses with the combination mount (K/PR, PK/R, KA/RA, etc) on AF bodies, that I am sure we would have heard about any problems with the Ricoh pin (Sigma had lots of problems with the soft brass Pentax pin that failed to retract on the A setting and broke or wore off, though). How about it, Dawg?
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Loads of problems with the Ricoh pin. Only on certain mounts P/K-A R/K-A

This requires careful use of a feeler gauge to persuade it to some off, and is best to cut it off before mounting it.


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The xr lens without the P should not cost any harm of pin getting stuck on the Pentax K bodies. If you shoot Pentax film bodies with MF, even those with 'P' for programmed mode that have the Ricoh infamous pin will not cause any jamming. As the jamming happens with R/K lens that supports P (programmed mode) with a Ricoh pin that looks like this picture may jam into the AF/MF contact that has a bigger hole on the KAF2 crippled mount in digital K bodies

I wrote about the Ricoh Pin / Rioch R/K mount in my blog. And I have a vivitar 24mm f/2.8 with A from Cosina that has the PK-A/R mount. In two years with K100D, K10D, K20D and now my Pentax K-x white, I never have an instance of getting my lens stuck in my digital K bodies.

If you happen to have the xr-p lens, I will suggest to test on the pin to see if it is retractable

If it is indeed retractable, you are less likely to have jamming problems and even if you get it stuck, a quick gentle wiggle and switching the AF/MF switch on body may be just the method to try to push the pin out of harms way.

Some of the xr and xr-p lenses are quite nice. I especially love them when I use it with my Ricoh xr-p camera and that on the Pentax digital bodies.


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Just to clarify, the lenses I originally asked about are the first series Rikenon lenses, the XR series. These have no "A" pins since they were designed for the early, non-program, Ricoh cameras.
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