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I just picked up a *IST D on ebay, with 18-35 included. This isn't really the lens for the kind of shooting I do. Walking trails and climbing mountains gets me opportunities for landscape, wildlife, birds, flowers, and small, forest floor critters, so the shots will range from wide to narrow to close-up. If a 28-300 has reasonable sharpness through the range, that would be my preferred way to go.

Does anyone here have experience with these lenses from either Tamron or Sigma?

If the IQ is not that good, would I be better off with something like a 28-80 with a 70-300 ? Don't really want to be hauling the extra weight, but will if I have to.

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I'm no expert and most of my knowledge has come from other people here or what I've read in books (when it comes to lenses). From what I've gleaned, the way a lens focuses and operates is quite a bit different between wide angle and telephoto, and so it is very difficult for a lens to do both well, like 28-300. If you are looking for sharpness and good quality, you would be better off carrying two lenses. Your idea of getting something like the 28-80 and a 70-300 would probably work well (many people have been posting bird pictures with the 70-300 that are quite good). The only thing you might want to consider is how wide angle you want. While I'd be perfectly happy with the 28-80, others would want something wider than that (I do much the same type of photography and use a macro lens more than wide angle).
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i'd break the range in two. that's really asking too much from a lens. say 18-125 and 70-300. much better IQ.
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most 28-80mm are rated really low as far as IQ..

how about the kit18-55 and the 50-200 DA and a 1.4x TC to get you out to 280mm.

i know,,, the thought of 28-300 is nice. but....
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I have the Tamron 28-300 (non-DI version) and I like it. In good light, it takes nice shots. In low light, it's not bad give the SR in the K100D. Here are a couple of shots taken with it.

The range is very convenient. I use it as my travel lens when I don't want to take my entire kit. Another option is the Pentax DA50-200 added to the kit lens. However, one lens to do it all is nice.

You can see more full size images of the air show at my flickr page - www.flickr.com/photos/rfortson

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I offer this as ONLY experience opinion.....

but 28-300 is a lot to ask from any lens.

Had a SIGMA one for my Canon Rebel.... contrast and softness was reall bad at 300

Vs soon replaced by two lens 28-70 and 70-300 (Again all SIGMA's)

I'll take it one step farther... on a P K10D 70-300mm in low light (same SIGMA lens) performs MUCH better on the Pentax than Rebel....the sluggish/lost AF is the Rebel's fault not the lens)

But that wasn't the issue really with the 28-300....that was all optical (AF performance about the same on the Rebel) but very dull/low contrast on the 28-300 compared to the 70-300mm at the 250-300mm end of things.

MY PERSONAL sugestion go for two lenses.... many poo poo ZOOMS altogether but even I will grant they have their limits.... and for SLR's 28-300 is just too far... especially for a budget lens.

In fact my SIGMA 70-300mm even performs quite well with a Tameron 1.4x extender (On the Pentax)

That 28-300mm would likely be mud gray contrast at the far end with the extender.

Oh and l forgot to metion wide open the 28-300mm even on a crop camera (Rebel) would also start to vignette (probably REAL bad on a full frame) at wide open (low light) near 300mm besides the other issues.

The other advantage was the SIGMA 28-70mm was much faster (2.8) at the 28mm end and even at 70mm equal to the 28-300m at 28mm. (2.8-4 vs 4-6.3) The 70-300 also faster at 5.6 max.

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