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Lord knows how he did it but dog managed to get his chain leash caught on the prongs of a just DANGLING squeeze clip/clamp (and post lens drop took me five min to unhook him....talk about what will be will be ....having turned camera bag upside down.... once again dumping my Sigma 70-300mm to a tile/concrete floor (probably harder than sand based brick last time) and still works fine.... and then also kicked around/stepped on by drunk spring brerakers.... before I got it picked up.

Fortunatey again both caps on and large/deep hood it comes with inverse mounted around much of the body.... but still a darn a rugged plus economical (WELL worth the price) little lens!!!! for flawless surviving multiple 3+ ft falls to SOLID ROCK!!! (and none of the caps/hood popped or sprung off either).

PS BOTH times attached to a Tamron AF/1.4x TC as well... so it pretty rugged too. (though for its small few element construction not quite so surprising)... but nice to know as well for being on the bottom yet quality end as well.

Now do you want to bounce a $1-4k LENSES OFF CONCRETE....PROBABLY NOT... and shy away from many opportunities as well likely. (Though might survive as well... but a whole lot more risk).... but nice to know there IS QUALITY in ecconomy when you look around (though maybe not ABSOLUTE perfection).... I would recommend the Sigma (plain DG or APO 70-300mm to ANYONE UNCONDITIONALY) its a mean rugged little bugger!!!! :-)

Is it one on the most rugged things for cost ever made arguable... but certainly seems so... after two unitentional occurances dropped to solid ROCK....

You really want to play basketball with a $5k LENS???? I WOULD ANY DAY WITH THE Sigma 70-300 for a good reason, just abouut not a lot to loose (already on it second of maybe 9 lives) and maybe WOW shots to get for takining it into that danger.
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