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Using Pentax K100D, wanting to get something a bit faster and brighter for a walkabout lens, which I use for various occasions, would be a mix of indoors and outdoors use, I currently have a Sigma 70-300 APO which has been great for outside long zoom shots, and will probably pick up a Pentax-A 50mm F1.7 for low light/portrait work. 17-70 seems like a nice compromise, I currently have a sigma 18-125 3.5 - 5.6, and i can cope with losing a little of longer zoom, but I like the wide angle. Looking at the Sigma, 17-70 2.8 - 4.5 DG macro seems like a nice middle of the road for zoom vs. brightness in lens.
Any thoughts or experiences with this lens or something similar would fantastic.
Could i get away with 28-70 F2.8, is the loss of the 17-28 range of zoom an issue? Should I be looking to get something 2.8 all the way through zoom range?
would 18-50mm F2.8 be a better option?

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Another lens to look at is the Pentax 28-70mm f4. I use this alot for indoors and outside shots. I had the sigma 28-70mm f 2.8-4, While it is a nice lens it is hard to find in the pentax mount.

As for the Sigma 17-70mm, I have heard both good and bad. Best bet is if you can got to a store and try one.

I have decided that from now on that any more lenses that I get will be f4 or faster.

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I have Sigma 17-70mm and it works well as a walk aroundon a K10D. Also have Sigma 18-125mm which wife uses on K100D. I'd say the 17-70 is better but not by too far and the extra range on the 18-125mm is useful.

If you look at my earlier posts they are mostly with the18-125mm and later posts are 17-70mm or 100-300 F4
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Ihappen to agree with Bob-

For those folks with a less than ample lens budget, the Sigma or Tamron 18-200mm lens do offer a very good and very viable alternative. That certainly does NOT mean that the Sigma 17-70mm is a less than a desirable lens. It is a great lens and very sharp. However, its focal length is somewhat limited for somebody who might be looking to maximize their lens budget.

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Hi, I have both the Sigma 18-200 DC and purchased a week ago, the Sigma 17-70 2.8 DC. Camera is a K10D

I think the 17-70 is a real find, I was desperate for a good macro on a walk around lens, and this is a winner.

I think the quality of contrast, sharpness and speed is as good for as many much higher price lenses. The 18-200 is a flexible lens, but not as sharp.

Here are some shots taken with the 17-70 right after I got it, a little large but clearer that way.

Two quick shots, old house and fronds of a palm tree. House was at 1000/sec - F8 - 17mm - inset is at 100%.

Fronds at 1/60th - F16 - 37mm

Absolutely no PP, shot in JPG with +1 Sharpness.

And a macro of a garden orb spider. Shot from around 3" (7cm), Macro seems crisp and bright. Shot was F16 - 70mm - 180/sec - ISO 200 - Spot Metering on K10D.

I doubt this male spider, the smaller one live much longer. It is the custom of spiders to eat the male after mating...

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matix wrote:
I think the 17-70 is a real find, I was desperate for a good macro on a walk around lens, and this is a winner.
i'd be interested in seeing some shots with the lens wideopen.

edit: forgot to say those are excellent captures.
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