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There are so many new and used lenses for sale at ebay, camera shops, pawn shops, but I'd like to know which ones will fit my pentax K10D, even if they are manual focus. I've seen Bayonet mounts, are they adaptable to the K10D? I've seen Vivitar, Sears, Ricoh, How do I know if they'll fit? Thanks a bunch for helping this K10D DSLR newbie. :?:
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Generally, any Pentax K-mount lens will work on the K10 regardless of who made it. There are some third party lenses that have a pin on them for a different camera make, and you have to remove that pin or the lens will get stuck on the camera. Other third party lenses will work without any problems. Just be aware that these lenses will retain whatever function they had when they were made - a K or M lens is completely manual so you'd have to set the aperture on the lens, use M mode, and push the green button to meter in order to use them. It isn't a big problem, just more steps and more things to think about (I started out using a manual80-200 Kiron lens for my long lens, and still use an M 50mm 1.7).

You can also use M42 screw mount lenses, but need to get an adaptor to mount them on the camera, and they will be completely manual (the camera has no connection to the lens).

As a quick recap of the various lens capability:

K or M - manual focus, manual exposure
A - manual focus, auto exposure
F - auto focus, auto exposure
FA - same as F, but the zoom lenses have power zoom capabilities

There are some other fine points to lens capabilities/quality, if you have specific questions, just ask.
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Yes be wary of the Ricoh lenses, they are the ones that can get stuck on your camera.

If you are in a pawn shop and reviewing lenses, look for the K stamped on the silver bayonet fitting and that will tell you that it is for Pentax, sometimes you will see P/K P/KA stamped as well, both are Pentax, ones marked PKR can be a bit suspect because the R can signify Ricoh.

If the lens has an aperture ring and the ring has an "A" setting, it means you can set the lensaperture to A and then opertae the aperture via the camera as you would for a new AFlens.

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mtngal and Crashman ---- thanks very much for the help.

I did purchase a PRO Automatic 2X Converter, which says it's for Pentax. It's in it's original box and also in a leather case and everything looks like new. One side of converter has inside threads and the other end has outside threads. On the outside threaded part of the lens there is also a pin that can be pushed in and when I push it, it comes out again when you release it, like it's on a spring.
How are these lenses used? I guess I'd need an adapter to fit this on my camera or maybe it's not usable at all for my camera ----- Hmmmm, what do you think? I only paid a couple of bucks for it. No great lose if it doesn't match up.
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That will be for the Pentax screw mount, an older mounting system that predated the K mount. The screw mount is also called M42. You can find adaptors that will allow you to mount screw mount lenses to your camera. The small pin should do the same thing as the small lever on the K mount lenses and allow the aperture blades to stay wide open until the shutter release is pressed.

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I am planning on purchasing a K10D with adaptor so I can use my old M42 screwmount lenses.

Got myself a few more screwmount lenses aside from the ones listed below!
  1. Meyer-Optik Goerlitz Domiplan: 2.8/50 (standard issue lens =P )[/*]
  2. 28mm 1:2.8 Soligor Wide-Auto[/*]
  3. 135mm 1:2.8 Yashica Super Yashinon-DX (Very old, fully manual lens, but in good nick)[/*]
  4. 1:45 80-200mm Auto Focus, Macro and Zoom Sigma[/*]
  5. 1:5.6 350mm Soligor (ma big telephoto lens)[/*]
You guys think I will have any major issues doing this?


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Old Apr 3, 2007, 2:33 AM   #7
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As capable a camera 10D is of course with all M42 it is going to be a fully manual mode/control camera, except for the benefit of SR.

And you sort of need to session dedicate yourself to M42, as swapping back and forth to K is not particularly quick and easy.
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there will be errors w/ exposureif you are usingpre-"A" lenses

(http://www.pentaxnews.ru/articles/di...10d_lens_m.htm- sorry, it is in Russian).

1st picture -sun

2nd picture - overcast

3rd picture - incandescent lamp

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deejjjaaaa wrote:
there will be errors w/ exposureif you are usingpre-"A" lenses

(http://www.pentaxnews.ru/articles/di...10d_lens_m.htm- sorry, it is in Russian).
The article isn't loading for me, so I can't even attempt to run it through an online translator, but I have to ask, what mode is this talking about?

One of the automatic modes? or manual mode?

I haven't had any problems with my fully manual lenses (which is most of my collection) either in Manual or Apperature priority mode.

I could certainly see conditions when Apperature priority mode would fail with an M lens... due to the camera keeping the lens wide open, which requires more careful control of the other exposure controls to get things absolutely perfect.

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Have read the article, and to be honest it seems to be more Pentax bashing due to their claim that any Pentax lens fit their new cameras.

Basicly, if you don't meter correctly and stop the lens down at the right time, then you will get crap pics.

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