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i wasn't trying to come off as particularly abrasive, but random negative comments, especially given knowledge of 'impossible' shooting conditions are counterproductive

it wasn't directed at you guys, or anyone in particular.
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NonEntity1 wrote:
Ouch, while this thread would be pretty tame on most forums it is turning ugly by the standards of this one. Certainly everyone should be able to, indeed be encouraged to, post whatever pictures they would like to share. If not, what is the forum all about?
Yeah exactly and I sort of ran into that actually commenting on lens vs actually photog... as far as the 28-300mm (Sigma or Tamron and for good reason no one else seems to make them) lens are pretty WORTHLESS (especially on the long end wide open, but BOTH make very decent for price 70-300's that do infinately better.

And as far as this thread said nothing about technical quality just pretty good what a 2.0 (dirt cheap used) 50mm A lens can do.... vs the INFINATELY more expensive 1.4 for one more stop... or the OBSCENELY expensive 1.2 (even A let alone AF versions).... PLUS the factor of even shallower DOF in not shooting a flat focal plane especially at close distance.
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