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TDN wrote:
I even said that if you did know the deal with the Ricoh lenses for sure, I'd be more than happy to put it on the site.

I just don't want someone emailing me saying "I put a Ricoh A lens on my camera because you said it was safe, and now it's stuck".

What I do mind, is that you assume that I'm "claiming to know it all"
Wll lets see.... you have changed your Avatar to the web page... AND posted to several threads, as a source..... yeah sort of say know it all. :?

And no I dont know difinitively, but I do kbow there are the two types.... and the ball bearing vs pin A's are just fine.

No maybe all actual Ricoh branded are the problematic pins.... but the thir parties maybe not. (Big ball off to the left of the standard AF contacts vs skinny cylindrical pin)

And again NOT that you even need to say one way or the other but JUST that there are the two types out there and you should visually or inquirey question if not appropriate immage.

But not automatically all R lenses are bad, especially maybe if labeled A/R vs just R.

And again you or anyone else wants to use this image as a illustration of the SAFE R lenses go right ahead.

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