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I just picked up an A 50 mm F2.0 A model for $50 hoping it will be sharper and work better in low light than my kit lens. Due to weather I haven't had much chance to put it through it's paces.

Most people seem to think it is ok but the faster primes give better image quality..not as soft I guess. I have hit many camera stores in my area and only found 1 dealer with Pentax lenses so I scooped this up.

Was this an ok buy or would I have been better off just shooting with my kit lens at 50-55mm? Old lenses seem hard to find without hitting the net.

One more thing...metering seemed a bit wacky on the very few images I shot. Seems like it wildly overexposed sometimes with flash or if I focused on a darker image in the background with a lighter image in the foreground. My kit lens would do fine. Only shot a few images so don't know what happened.
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It's a fast lens, so you should be able to use it inside without flash, at 800 ISO. (under normal tungsten lighting)

There's a few people on here that have it, and they all seem to be happy with the lens.

Sure, it's no 1.4 or 1.7, but it's still a very decent lens.

+ with today's digital sharpening techniques, the flaws that the lens suffered from on a film camera will be greatly reduced on your DSLR.

Take the lens for a walk in the nearest town. If you're into street photography you'll love it


P.S.: for the metring issues, try setting the metering method (center weighted, segment metering, spot metering) to a different value under the first menu on your camera.
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An A lens should have metered the exposure properly. Did you have the aperture ring set to A? If you did, check and make sure the aperture blades are moving freely. This was the first thing I noticed when my F 50mm developed sticking aperture blades, completely blowing the flash pictures out.

The important thing is that you are happy with the lens, so play with it and decide if it suits you. I have blown way more than $50 bucks on lenses I was unhappy with and one of my absolute favorites was a $50 bargain.

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