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Just a bump for added image above.

Oh and PS Abinar is one of those seeming mostly made just for Ricoh from what I have seen around, and the problematic pin type only.

Just guessing I'd avoid anything dedicated Ricoh (or branded).....

And if enough time question any ebay sale that made mention of PK or K and R (even with A or M associated)......

Making sure it is the ball and NOT PIN TYPE.

So again there is a ball there don't worry about it.... Straght skinny PIN be VERY AFRAID... or go search for your feeler guage before mounting the lens.

Oh and not that many might not take it anyways.... EVERYONE has free use to the image above if you want to explain to any seller if theymean ball or pin R lens, and don't show a pic of the mount or wrong orientation.
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Add Alpex to the decent catagory. I wouldn't spend too much on another but if the price was right for a 100, 200, 300mm lens I'd pick one up. They are not the fastest or the very sharpest but they are good value for what you would pay for one.The early Vivitar series one lenses are very good quality. I bought one that was made by Tokina for Vivitar. Go here to see which one you should be looking for.


I've also purchased a Vivitar 80-200mm 1:4.5 lens that is as sharp as any Pentax lens I've used or own. I paid Very little for it on Ebay and love it. It is a macro focusing lens with a 55mm outer lens. Serial no. 42034064. I don't know who made it but they did a great job with it.

My task and quest right now is for a complete set of Super Takumar primes in nearly new condition.I have a few and one anyway needs some repair but they are all very sharp lenses. You must adhere to the idea of buyer beware when picking the ones to buy. There are a lot of folks selling Vintage lenses that will sell you junk for gold prices. Have fun doing it as it is one of life's more harmless pursuits.

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superakuma wrote:
Vivitar Series 1 105mm Macro lens is a very popular lens. But some of the other vivitar lens are garbage.
Hi Superkuma:

Would you be so kind as to educate us by telling which are the Vivitar lens to avoid,

since some are garbage.

Thanks Ross
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That could be hard to say as Viitar is a brand that readeges (like Phoenix) and many others.

Though if you search here or someone many remember someone did post about the first two or three letters or numbers of the Vivitar serial numbers actually indicatiing the maker... probably fairly easily GOOGLED too.
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