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Just to add one more thing especially A vs AF, the biggest difference is the AF functionality wise, and some of the newer actually are not as good as some of the old.

Now for a zoom where you are changing all kinds of paramentes all at once.... definately both focus and min apperture.... AF is VERY usefull

A short prime.... I find MF no real encumberance, especially on the A's but M is only slightly more cumbersome.

Again a short lens likely a pretty static subject and composition.... not ALWAYS the case but in my experience more often than not is.... and no matter what lens the 10D has very good and full time/any mode AF confirmation, even on a M/M42 lens.

ANd if you leave the camera in AF mode with a manual lens it won't even let you take an out of focus picture. (Not ALWAYS a good thing with shallow DOF... so just switch to MF) but very useful generally.
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These days I'm buying more and more primes.

All I own in terms of zoom lenses are the 18-55Kit and the DA50-200

Very slow lenses, but the image quality is good.

The old vivitar primes are nice. The 28mm gives very good images.

Hang on to them.

A small speck of dust will not affect image quality. I bout my FA50mm new and it had a few specs inside... a non-issue

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I have fast new glass and it is very nice to have a use. But I believe I get some of the most clear sharp well color adjusted shots from my Pentax A-50 as well as seveal other older pentax lenses (and Series 1 Vivitars) and would never give them up. Plus they are great on my Film camera :0).
Only you can really decide what you would actually use and therefor need.
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Hayward wrote:
so maybe sell the Vivitar...
why on earth would you say this??
i have yet to own a bad komine/vivitar lens. what experience do you have with these lenses??? i've owned many and always made a slight profit on resell. the 28mm f2.8 is rated very good.

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Simply because like most rebranders there is CRAP and really GOOD stuff...
not familiar with that PARTICULAR lens some have SINCE said actually quite good.

Just like Promaster as well that actually recently rebrand Tamron.... saw a TWIN of my 28-200mm but sure enough they told me it was a Promaster not Tamron... (Though obviously physicsally IDENTICAL rebranded it was... how I even noticed just looking at it)

Some crap too about my 100-400mm AF Promaster.... who knows who makes it
(Also no longer Promaster now mainly as Coisair but OBVIOUSLY same lens) a really nice 4x high power very bright sharp for low cost zoom range lens.... now a lot of them Promaster and Vivitar) are CRAP but they also have some real gems (They BOTH actually make NOTHING... at least in the lens realm) just all who they contract with.

Its all in what it is.
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