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The Sigma 70-300mm APO has a good rep on this board with lots of posted pics to back that up. I have an older version of that lens (Super) that is pretty decent but does not seem to do as well as the newer versions, so I would recommend buying new over used. Don't discount a higher quality used lens either, I have a Tokina 100-300 f/4 and a Tamron Adaptall 300mm f/5.6, both manual focus and both capable of incredibly sharp shots.

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Hi, I just found a new in box, old stock Pentax FA J 80-320 f/4.5-5.6 for $180. I have been looking for 7 months now, and although in January I could have picked it up for $150 at KEH, I was slow to pull the trigger.


Last year at this time we were up in Alaska and went to the Kenai National Park. We took the all day boat trip and here is what I was able to get with my little Canon SD 500. The boat was bouncing around and this was just about the best I could do with the unit. This is one of the reasons I came back and went shopping for a dSLR.

A set of brothers with their wifes on board were professional nature photographers, and came with suitable weaponery. Between the four of them, they had 6 bodies and 6 lens - I do not remember the make or model number, but they burned off about 4,000 images in the 8 hour trip, I remember them saying on the way back in. My wife still referrs to their 1000mm lens as the "bazooka".

They always took a burst of 5 to 10 images. I don't remember how many memory cards they filled, however their wives were always changing them out.

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