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Heyas all!

I finally think that I've settled on going with the k10d. Now I just need to pick a couple of lenses that will do most of the work that I need. Here's what I think I want:

a good value 25-70mm or so with max f2.8 or less, and...
a good value 70-200or300mm (not so picky about the f on this)

Thing is, I'm a teacher and would like to use this camera to photograph all indoor and outdoor activities at the school with good results. In the past, we've had nothing but blurred pics of basketball and other indoor sports. Hence, the bit of range in the 2.8 for low light. I will probably use that for some portraits as well. The outdoor stuff will be from the side of a field and in good light for the most part. That's why I need the telephoto. I'm not opposed to off brands (sigma, tamron, etc.) since I'm sure they have high and low end lenses too.

I'm looking at a budget of $1500 with camera. Any help you gurus can offer would be VERY appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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There is some very good info insome of the other discussions in these forums on this very subject. And you can browse the Sports & Action Photosforum to see what equipment they use.

To answer your question, there are the Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 EX DG and the Tamron SP 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di. Both are good lenses at reasonable prices, and available for the Pentax. The Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 APO is also agood lens that meets your requirements.

For indoor sports (basketball, volleyball, etc.) you need a fast shutter speed, so you should use a lens that is at least f/2.0, not f/2.8. Pentax only has the SMCP-FA 77mm f/1.8, while other brands have a lot more to choose from. And for outdoor night games (baseball, football, etc.), Pentax only has the Sigma I mentioned before, Sony and Olympus have some very expensive offerings, but this is the area in which Canon and Nikon have an embarrassment of riches.

You can probably make the Pentax work, but for what you plan to use it for, you might want to rethink your choice of cameras.
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For your indoor sports, Rick has posted a number of awesome pictures taken with the FA 50mm 1.4, and the 77mm 1.8 Limited is super-sharp (a lens that's on my wish list but I really don't have much need for it - I just like really sharp lenses). I think you've given me an excuse to play around with an old lens of mine - a Takumar 135mm 2.5. It has a poor repuation, but mine is really sharp, and it would probably work well for indoors. It's a manual lens that normally sells for around $30.

Sigma's 70-300 APO lens seems to be well liked around here. There are a number of people who use it and have posted outstanding shots. It seems that the APO version is well worth the extra money, but I don't have either lens so I can't really say (I ended up waiting around until I found a decent price on an A*300 f4). The extra reach of the 300 lens is really nice outdoors (I found I could take good pictures of tennis players and a high jumper from the grandstands).

If you don't mind waiting a while and perhaps breaking the budget a bit, Pentax is supposed to be coming out withthe DA*60-250 f4 in December. It will have SDM focusing which is supposed to be faster than regular AF and that might be very useful for the outside games.

If you are reasonably close to the action, the DA 50-200 is reasonably priced and does a good job (but not the fastest lens in the world).
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Thats great info. I have wavered for a while now about which camera to choose. When I found out that the k10 offered in body SR, I thought "hey, maybe I can make a choice here..."

I'll have to keep comparing lenses for the three that I have been considering I guess. Rebel xti, d80 and k10.

I guess the research is half the fun thought, right!?!

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