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I can blame (or thank) Harriet for this.

Ever since I've owned the DS, and Annette has been using the DL, I have been looking for ways to improve my photography. Step one was to try shooting different subjects from my wife (or at least to shoot them differently). We went to the RCMP musical ride, she had the 18-55mm kit lens and I had the old A 70-210mm f4 I got from Roy. The result was that we came back with very different pictures.

That got me thinking (dangerous), throughout the 1980s I used a Pentax MESuper and a K1000 armed only with a Rikenon XR 28mm f2.8, the Pentax M 50mm f1.7 (that was the MESuper kit lens) and a Vivitar 70-150mm f3.8 zoom. I started looking though my pictures and realized that at least 80% were taken with the 50mm, the zoom was used surprisingly little (a few portraits, it was too short for wildlife), and the 28mm was used just for interior group shots and an occasional landscape (most of which were pitiful). Even now, when I use the FA 100-300mm f4.7-5.8 (one of my personal favourites in spite of its humble specs), it is almost always racked out to 300mm. Time to look seriously at prime lenses.

Then of course as Kjell pointed out, there is a certain snob appeal to prime lenses . (before you take that too seriously remember the 100-300mm, not exactly going to impress anyone with that, but the results speak for themselves)

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Ira, recently I have the 50mm f1.7 stuck on the front of my camera. And love it. Considering upgrading to the autofocus 50mm hopefully soon. Other than autofocus my manual focus 50mm is great.

Don't rule out just buying the 50mm 1.4 online, i'm sure you know it can be had for around $160 or so after rebate. Seems most of them on ebay are over that price.

The 35mm looks great. Congratulations on your purchase. I'm sure you'll put it to good use.


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I'm looking for a zoom with more reach than my DA 50-200mm. You mention having the FA 100-300mm 4.7-5.8. That's one I've considered when it comes up on eBay now and then. I've read that for many of the moderately priced 70-300 or 100-300 zooms that they are soft in the 200 to 300mm range and that the DA 50-200mm is a better lens. Like you, I suspect that I would be using the longer reach lens exclusively at 300mm since my 50-200mm is very good in it's own range.Do you considerthe FA100-300tohave asofter focusat 300mm than it is in the 100mm to200mm range?

And if there are opinions out there on these others at 300mm?

Pentax FA J 75-300, Pentax 80-320mm, Sigma 70-300 APO or non-APO, Tamron 70-300mm Di or non-Di.

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I need one more piece of advice - I've run out ofgood justifications to convice my wife that this next lens purchase is a good investment - I've exhausted "extra reach","low light situations" (she wants to know what the AF360FGZ flash was for), great bokeh (isn't thata bunch of flowersyou give her on your anniversary), macro (she's not into insects). Any help here would be appreciated.
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Monza76 wrote:
Before getting the *istDL in Dec 2005,* the last new lens I purchased was in 1982.* Early in 2006 I purchased a new Sigma 24-135mm f2.8-4.5 at an incredible price, thanks to this forum.* Now I have really done it...** I just ordered a brand new SMCP-FA 35mm f/2.0 AL !!

If you are familiar with 28mm and 50mm in film,you should be very comfortable with 16mm & 35mm. Looking forward to seeing some of your new pict.

While you are going in the direction of prime lens, I am eyeing some the new *zoom. Huh! When Henry in Toronto has the supply of the * zoom, I can test them out with my fixed lens.

Daniel, Toronto
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OK Guys & gals, thanks for educating me on LBA. And my wife said I was too old to learn. :lol: I am afraid that I will come down with a bad case of LBA soon as I am in the market for my first DSLR. I thought I wanted either the Canon XTi or the Nikon D40 (and they are both fine cameras), but Ihave just abouttalked myself into either the K100d or the K10d. I want the K10d, but I think I will be better off with the K100d, as I am mostly an amateur. BTW, I have noticed references for a K100d, a K110d, and a K110d Super. Can anyone tell me differences?

I am coming from a Kodak DC4800 (actually a pretty decent camera) that died right in the middle of taking photos of my 10-month old grandson.:shock: The controller of the currency in my house has kindly given her permission for me to replace the Kodak so she can have more pics of the grandson. Therefore, I think the K110d, along with the kit lens,will suit me just fine to get started as I don't want to make the mistake of buying too much camera, if that makes sense. I know eventually I will move on up to a better/faster/sexier camera, but I need to get much better at taking pics. I used to shoot a Minolta SRT-101 i bought sometime around 1972, and used it for quite a few years while I lived in Germany. I shot mostly slides, and I now have the dubious task of someday scanning in all of those slides -- about 6,000 of them!

Anyway, thanks for the info and if anyone has any comments or suggestionsregarding the K100d, and whether it would be a good DSLR to start with, I would appreciate hearing them. I have been reading these forums for so long that my head is beginning to hurt. :lol: Lots and lots of great information here.
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spend the extra for the k100. the IS is worth the difference over the 110. forget the 110. the k100super should be available soon. forget the 100 over the 100super.
better yet, just get the K10d

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K10D even if you are just coming over from Kodaks...I am too. I've been using a 4mp DX6490 for over three years and the K10d and kit lens are as easy as pie to get used to. Then the LBA hit and I've been having a blast ever since.....K10D fer sher...But have a good lawyer or at least the marriage counsuler waiting in the wings....LOL

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I went with the K10d and would make the same decision today. Although, I could now make a convincing argument to myself that I would have been better off with the K100 and spending the extra money on lenses. I second roy's comments about forgetting the 110. The IS is well worth the little bit of extra money.
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Tsquare, I agree with Roy that the 110 is a nonstarter. As a film photographer you probably wouldn't know the difference, but once you have the 100's anti-shake whidh the 110 lacks you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Where I disagree is that the 100 is a good way to transition into dslr photography It is a considerable advance, and itspreset modeswill enable your wife to take her own pictures of the kid, while it has sufficient manualcontrol if you wnat to use it.An importantupgraded advantage of the 100 Super is that is incorporates the anti-dustself-cleaning chip function from the 10D, which is valuable and was one of the advantages that the 10D had over the 100D. After your wife gets attached to the 100, you can give it to her and have an excuse to move up to the 10D, which is more complicated andlacks the simplerpreprogrammed modes.
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