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I'm sure it's my fault, but I really don't understand how to do the fill flash with the k100D, and how to shoot night portraits, I mean having long exposition for the background and the flash for the person.

ANyone can help me?

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Hi Lando,

This isn't a real area of expertise for me, so keeping that in mind. . .

For daylight stuff (when the ambient light is greater than the flash contribution) you want your shutter at the highest synch speed, and your ISO at the lowest setting. Meter for the background, and used flash to fill in your subject. For night time stuff, you might want to start with a higher ISO and slower shutter speed, again meter for the background, then use flash to give you the amount of light you want on your subject. Use manual exposure so you can control both the aperture and shutter speed to your needs.

Remember that light intensity falls in direct proportion to distance, so in most cases, if the background is any significant distance away, the amount of flash that reaches the background will not effect the it's exposure that significantly.

You'll have to experiment yourself quite a bit, but once you have the basics, you'll at least know where to start.

Depending on the type of flash you have, you can do the following to cut the contribution of the flash if needed.

With a P-TTL flash, try dialing in a -1 stop flash (not Ev) compensation to start.

With an Auto flash, set the ISO on the flash to double the ISO on the camera, then set the aperture to the setting that the flash recommends.

Here are a few articles that illustrate different techniques of mixing ambient light and flash --




Get a feel for the reasons behind the techniques, then try them out for yourself. This is the beauty of digital, you can experiment all you want without much cost except for time.


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