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I have to say it: I feel like I made a mistake.

I passed to Canon thinking that SR was not that important, and I'm paying the price.
I still made a very good deal, so now I can resell everything in Italy and even make a profit out of it.

But at this point I'm seriously going back to Pentax, this time with a K10D.

So I would sell Canon 30d, flash 430ex, 50mm 1.8 and sigma 24-60 2.8.

I'm thinking of getting K10D, flash pentax 540, 50mm 1.4 ( I realised all my best pictures are with this lens ) and a zoom lens.

So help me: Sigma 17-70 ( best reviews ), Tamron 28-75 ( excellent reviews, but someone says a little soft in the center ), Pentax 16-45 ( I love pentax glass and feeling, but this one seems a little short... ).

Which one would u get?
Is worth getting the 540 flash, or better to save money and getting a sigma?

Thanks, repenting Lando
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welcome back to the pentax side. to bad you and nick hadn't got together a little time ago. i hope he likes canon and their IS lenses. i'm pretty well set for lenses(finally) except the wide side. i'd get the 17-70.. what i'm looking at is the 12-24..

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I'm a 40 year Pentaxian and I'm looking at getting a Pentax K10D, but if you already have the Canon 30D I can't figure out why you would want to sell this camera.

I know you feel the fact that the 30D hasn't a SR and it is heavy, but what about a monopod or small tripod for those low light pix that may need SR?

A friend has one and to be honest, I think it is a wonderful and robust camera. His pictures are pinpoint sharp....there great.

If the pictures with your 30D are disappointing, maybe you should thake the 30D back to the place you got it and show them the results and ask what needs to be done to this unti to bring the pix up to scratch.

The 30D is capable of taking exceptional pictures, so I'm wondering if there is something wrong with it...if the performance is disappointing.

The K10D is a great camera, but so is the Canon 30D...you might want to check the 30D out first, before unloading it. Could be pricey.
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Sigma seems to be the best focal range and is a nice lens. I can't help you about the flash since I don't have one (some day I'll buy one, I really would like to have one). Would selling your Canon get you enough to cover the Pentax equipment - more than buying a VR Canon lens? I didn't realize how much I needed SR until I got the K100 and started comparing pictures taken with it vs. the DS - then I realized that it really does work well for me.

Good luck with your decision.
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I'm sorry the 30D didn't work out for you. Hand held the As in the K10D becomes addictive. I shoot nearly half now with a tripod and the AS is off then. If you shoot handheld most of the time I can see where the K10D would be attractive as all lens are As with it. Hope you can sell your old stuff and get the K10D if that is really what you want!

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I will make some more test on my 30d, and expecially on the lenses, but in general I think k10d is more my thing, after being used to the k100d.

Since I bougt everything in the US, I can sell in ITaly with a profit, and I can cover all the new eq without putting money in it.

With Canon I should get IS lenses, and they are much more expensive. My only doubt is that my lenses are not well calibrated.

I'm probably more set on the 17-70 sigma, since for low light I can always use the 50mm and flash.
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