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Old Oct 30, 2007, 4:08 PM   #1
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after waiting almost 3 weeks for it, i finally got it this evening, and i want to cry

the zoom ring when it reaches 20, you have to use a little effort to keep it going :sad: once pass that it moves smoothly

not sure but i also noticed in manual focus the focus ring does not stop turning
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Old Oct 30, 2007, 6:39 PM   #2
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Hi dafiryde,

Sorry to hear about the problem.

The zoom ring should have even resistance throughout its rotation, so it sounds like you might want to have it replaced (I'd work with it a bit to see if it smooths out first though). I'd also contact Pentax Service and ask if there is any chance that you might talk to a lens tech to see if there is any external adjustment that might be user achievable to smooth out the zoom ring. It's something that I think that you'd want to take care of tho -- If it's a problem with the helicoid, then there's a good chance that it'll get worse with time, and this is too good a lens to have possible mechanical problems with.

The focus ring action is the probably way it should be. This is due to Quick Shift focusing system and is present in all the DA series lenses. It's a feature that allows you to manually adjust the focus after AF lock in AF mode without having to actuate any switches to decouple the motor/drive screw, and a side effect of the feature allows the focus ring to rotate past the min/max focus distance settings with just a little more resistance felt.

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Old Oct 30, 2007, 9:53 PM   #3
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That doesn't sound promising. I have the DA*50-135 and it doesn't have any resistence anywhere for the zoom ring - definitely get it checked out, or talk to whoever you bought it from about returning it. Sorry to hear about such rotten luck, but other than that, what do you think of the glass?
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Old Oct 30, 2007, 10:14 PM   #4
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I have been moving the zoom ring back and forth for the last hour, its either my fingers are getting tired, or wishful thinking, but i want to believe its starting to free up

i think right now is the first time i have smiled all day

as for the glass its beautttttttiful
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Old Nov 1, 2007, 9:10 AM   #5
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btw, how is the 50-135? I see now the price is around 900$ shipped, is it worthy?

Good for portraits? I can't find a lot of pictures around with this lens.

With the idea of coming back to pentax, I'm considering to get k10d and a very good zoom, but my doubt is between the 50-135, or the 2008 sigma 50-150 ( cheaper and longer ) or pentax 50-250 f4, slower but probably more useful as range, but about this I can't get any information...

For the short end instead, I think I'll settle with the sigma 17-70. The 16-50 is really too much expensive.
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